2022 Apr 17 | anniversary, baby goats at Flora's Farm

Making steaks for our anniversary.

And watching My Cousin Vinny.

She knows what she's talking about.

A card from Mom and Dad.

Nice chocolates.

Pretty cloud.

A big mural at a clinic.

A bird at Ogii's work.

Uh oh, this world archive got taken down.

Although there are others.

Many others, in fact.


Peeps are disgusting on their own, but Hot Tamale and coffee Peeps are even worse.

Cool clouds. I wonder why the one on the left is darker.

We watched All the Old Knives and noticed it was filmed in Carmel.

I wonder if Carmel made them say "Carmel-by-the-Sea" a few times to allow the filming.

There are two solar eclipses that will be viewable from the US coming in the next two years. October 14, 2023 will be an annular solar eclipse.

And April 8, 2024 will be a total solar eclipse.

Their paths will overlap in southern Texas.

Lucky for the people who live just west of San Antonio.

Playing poker, and Ogii won with 72.

Ogii won with AA.

We both got pretty big chip stacks.

Thinking about what to do.

Using the t-shirt drink coasters Ogii's friend from Hawaii gave us.

On the southwest side of Greenfield, there are many new houses going up.

These haven't been finished yet.


Angel wings.

Baby goat's at Flora's Farm.

This guy popped up to say hi to everyone.

Greeting Ogii.

Ogii got to hold him.

A black one.

They're watching her.

A bigger one.

Lots of fresh flowers.

Pretty colors.

Lots of fresh strawberries.

The plane contrail cast a shadow.

I'm not sure what this means.

Maybe twinkle?

Sexy brit or brat?

We by sea.

Pirate pelicans mural.

McDonald's now has a Beyond Meat burger.

A bunny.