2022 Apr 24 | The Hu concert in Monterey

I was away for work for a week, so I hid some snacks around the house for Ogii to find.

The first day was a chocolate rose.

Then a chocolate marshmallow.

Then some candy eggs.

Chocolate cherries.

And some sea-salt chocolate.

Meanwhile, I had to deal with the vending machine at the hotel not wanting to give me my chips. I banged and banged and it didn't move. By now, shouldn't they have vending machines that don't do this?

Love picking up fresh fruit from the local stands; one of the best parts of living in central California.

Big cloud.

A few cows far up on the hill.

A bunch of sheep.

Nurses protesting.

Really big deck.

At first I was thinking FEMA, but iron woman makes more sense.

The sun reflecting off a building in San Francisco.

Downtown San Francisco on the left; the Golden Gate Bridge on the right.

The one thing about the local fruit is it's not all super pretty like the stuff from the supermarkets. These cherries happened to have a lot of mini cherries growing out of them.

It reminded me of Kuato from Total Recall.

A Pokemon Go ad; is that game still going?

A frog sitting on our outdoor chair.

Saturday night we went to downtown Monterey. First stop was at Turn 12 to grab a beer.

Let's try a sour and a cider.

Bottoms up.

Outside on a side street was a tour bus.

For The Hu, which was playing at Golden State Theater.

We have VIP meet and greet passes, although that got pushed back from 5pm to 6pm.

Cool ceiling inside.

Some couches on the second floor.

And some big chairs.

We look like royalty.

The exit signs are stained glass.

The bathrooms are quite nice.

Us with the band.

The other VIP people.

She was excited.

Our pass.

Was signed by the band members.

The only other VIP people who looked Mongolian.

The opening band was The Haunt.

The singer headbanging.

Then onto The Hu.

We were pretty close to the front.

Fixing the drum with duct tape during the show.

Their instrument heads are beautiful.

Lots of throat singing.

The whole band.


From the other side.

A bit brighter.

Playing hard.

And it's done.

A video of the concert.

The next morning we had breakfast at Portobello's.

Before a poker tournament. Like the last one, they filled up quickly.

Free baseball caps.

That's a fun flop.

Ogii had a queen and would have won this huge pot if she would have called, but she rightly folded preflop.

Pretty good payouts.

I was all-in preflop with QQ, the opponent had AK, and he got his A on the river.

They had really great ribs for lunch.

Carnival has some crazy discounts on their cruises for former customers. It seems mostly to go to people who play in the casino, but sometimes it goes to people even if they never went to the casino.

$30 for an interior room vs $350. I'm sure there are other fees, but that's practically free.