2022 May 08 | Saratoga Fine Arts Show, Monterey Peninsula Voices concert (2 weeks)

Pretty sunrise.

Ogii's odometer is all fives.

The Hustler Live poker games sometimes has a bunch of YouTube or Twitch streamers who really don't know how to play poker. They have way more fun than the pros.

Moon and a few planets.

Ogii saw some deer on her way to work.

I never noticed the date in the Fifth Element before. It's the director's birthday.

A bunny.

My Facebook feed is full of kitten videos. Then I see Ogii on my phone looking at Facebook and watching a bunch of kitten videos. So that's why.

Watering the plants.

At the Saratoga Fine Arts Show.

Netallic art.

Lots of vendors.


It's nice getting a corner booth so you can display more art.

Pretty normal pricing.

Photographs of animals.

The layout was rather weird. There was a group of booths, then a little walkway, then a bunch more booths. But I guess as long as you walk across to the other section, it still works.

It's nice seeing something different than all of the regular art, like this boxes from old books.

Live music.

The other big section.

There were many more booths on this side.

More photography.

The metal prints are very common now.

more down this way.

An artist directory.

This guy had a very tall canopy with some very large prints. You want this to get people's attention, but then you need smaller prints that they will actually purchase.

Nice nature paintings.

We bought a charcuterie board for nearly $400. Although you can get the same thing on Etsy for $50.

Then we headed to Santa Cruz for the Westside Marketplace.

Although it was only a few rows with a few food trucks.

Not that great of a show.

We stopped at Mission Street BBQ for lunch.

We didn't get much meat.

I guess we should have ordered a combo platter like this person.

A couple of bunnies.

Ogii saw a vulture warming itself.

I wonder what kind it is.

Looks like a turkey vulture from the wing coloring.

This is a California Condor, but I don't think we've seen any of these.

Although they can be found in this area.

Elections in June.

But if she wins, then she would become a politician.

Watching Gorky Park from 1983. "Hey, I think that's the emperor from Star Wars!" And as soon as he speaks, "Yep, that's him." From the same year, too. Then five years later, the butler in Dirty Rotten Soundrels, although I never realized that was him.

All of the toothbrushes have soft bristles. But I like medium. Where are all of the medium?

We went to Santa Cruz to check out the Spring Art Market at Tannery Arts Center.

The lofts the artists live in.

Cute raccoon drawing.

Food trucks.

Free water.

We had a hamburger and hot dogs.

And deep fried Oreos.

A band.

Some outdoor vendors.

Mosaic and pictures.

Pretty candles.

I like the name and font.

The artists' studios.

A bunch scattered inside.

This guy makes fantasy statues.

They're quite explicit.

His Instagram.

Leather-wrapped things.

Various artists.

If not now.

Tire treads.

Drinking fountains.

A merry-go-round.

Artist directory.

A woman dressed as Mother Earth. She had a little card she gave out with a treasure hunt. If you find three items at the fair, you bring them back to her and she gives you a gift.

Ogii with her.

Tall sculptures.

She's won GoodTimes best multiple times.

It used to actually be a tannery.

Fish art.

Sunday we went to the nursery.

They always have chickens wandering around.

Seven varieties of apples on this single tree.

We filled one of their carts.

I'm driving it backwards out the door.

This would be a good time to have a pickup.

Saturday night we went to the Monterey Peninsula Voices concert. These dancers were practicing outside before the show.

Ogii and their cover.

The choir members.

More of them.

I'm impressed this woman is a bass.

The program.

Just the chorus.

With Alma y Tradicion dancers.

We were hoping for some cookies at intermission but they said they're only for after the show.

It's a pretty big auditorium.

With the DiFranco Dance Project.

With Shinsho-Mugen Daiko.

With Spector Dance.

For their final song, they invited up anyone in the audience who wanted to sing with them.

A video of the different acts.

A few of the songs were supposed to have photographs or paintings with them. However, the projector kept overheating, so we only saw a few images per song. They sent out an email with a link to all of the videos afterwards, which was nice.

Trying a COVID self-test.

Stick it in your nose, swirl it in the liquid, drop it in the hole.

Wait a bit.

And I'm negative.

Ogii warming up her feet after cooking breakfast in the oven.

Gotta drill holes in the bottoms of the planters so the water runs out.

Gotta make them big enough the dirt doesn't just clog them up.

Ogii planting her new plants.

I dump the soil. We got two new apple trees, a pear tree, some strawberries, and three flowers that hummingbirds like.

We went to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

A part of the movie felt more like a horror flick with jump scares.

And this shot...

...seems like a ripoff of this surrational image everyone had a poster of in the 1990s.

I like the gel deoderants, but the Right Guard ones, which I used for years, are irritating me.

And the white solids leave white debris behind.

I use the Dove for travel.

Although there are so many kinds.

Gillette also has a gel; maybe that will work.

The Mother's Day cards are all gone.

I also got this Charcoal and Tea Tree deoderant because it smells really good, but it's not an antiperspirant, and I sweat a lot, so I don't think it'll work, but I can try it.

We had to buy some more potting soil. I wonder if Recipe 420 is designed to grow marijuana well?

Ogii planting the strawberries.

And pruning this plant.

While she did that, I changed the heater filter.

The left one is new; the right one is old. It's definitely dirtier.

Some sky divers.


This palm trees blocks the restaurant name sign.

This cat looks stoned.