2022 May 15 | Carmel Art Festival, SJOC Spring Fling CE with wineries

I had a little rice left in the pan after filling up the leftover containers. I was going to throw it away, but Ogii doesn't like seeing good food go to waste.

Went for a dinner meeting at The Whaling Station. We had been to the escape room next door with the parents.

Big bull in front.

Dinner menu.




Sunrise through the clouds.

Bought these two metal plant holders on Amazon.

They each came with these scratch and win tickets, and both ended up being for the highest amount, $15. The ticket claims there's a 1% chance of that happening per ticket, but I think it's more likely that they lie about the chance of winning and make every ticket a $15 winner rather than I won a 1/10,000 chance and 88% of tickets are actually nothing.

We replaced the old wooden tables with metal plant holders.

A rainbow in the irrigation.

This business space in Carmel on Ocean St is available for lease.

It's nice inside, a good size, and in what might be the most prime location in the entire city.

Which also means it's way out of our price range.

The Carmel Art Festival.

I believe each artist paints one location.

Each piece sells for a few thousand dollars.

At least a few pieces were being purchased.

I liked the sculptures. A dancing couple.


Carved out of stone.


A couple.

This was my favorite.

A woman holding a ball.

Ogii found some of her favorite skin products, Mario Badescu, in her favorite store, Anthropologie.

We never noticed this Japanese store before.

A fair number of products inside.

Frozen food.

Including octopus tentacles.

We went to an open house for this home, but nobody was there. So we checked online, and it was already contingent.

The neighbor's cat drinking some water on our patio.

Some new flowers on the jasmine.

Baby grapes.

The patio to the left, with fruit trees.

And to the right, with flowers for hummingbirds.

Williams and Ree are coming to California for one day at Elk Valley Casino up north.

Some of my Cheerios look like hearts.

A bird outside Ogii's office.

Joined by a friend.

And a crow snacking on some popcorn.

I had a dent in this back-left bumper for a while, but it seems to have popped itself out. I'd guess when we drove somewhere really hot, since the tricks to getting dents out of plastic are to use hot water or a hair dryer.

A doctor invited us to dinner at his house.

The logo on this beer is similar to the t-shrit Ogii bought me.

He also gave me a book; that's very nice of him.

Grabbing some boba.

In Stockton for a CE meeting at a golf course.

Very pretty meeting room.

Raffle gifts.

A putting competition.

An outdoor oven with part of the course in the background.

This doctor asked attendees to volunteer after his presentation.

New research in wet ARMD.

Good lunch.

Then we got on a party bus for a winery tour.

Our first stop was Mettler Family Vineyards.

The Albarino was really good.

Us in front of a giant barrel.

Another round.

Some red.

And empty.

Our next stop was Harmony Wynelands.

They had an old organ.

And also a nice selection.

Shaun served us and was amazing. He had more of a laid-back, surfer vibe and was constantly coming up with little quips. More uptight people might not like his style, but we loved him.

Good wine.

Some cheese and bread the CE organizers brought.

We went into the cellar.

Where Shaun poured us a tasting right out of the barrels.

It was also very good.

All done.

Back onto the bus with our purchases.


I wonder if he says this a lot?

Pretty sunset while driving.

Three bunnies out by the front.

A baby cow walking with his mother.

A baby donkey.

And a baby goat.

A video of the baby goat.