2022 May 28 | Seattle before Alaska cruise

We had to do proctored at-home COVID testing before the cruise.

He watched us swab, then left for 10 minutes while they processed. Then he didn't check the QR codes or verify them in any way, so we could have easily switched them out for other ones. Not a very reliable system.

After a week of work, we wanted to be fully relaxed for the cruise, so we got some massages.

All relaxed.

We brought 20 five-dollar bills for tips.

Waiting for the shuttle to the airport from the economy parking lot.

SJC always has such short lines compared to LAX or SFO.

We have our vacation masks.

The entire plane was asleep. Maybe even the pilots.

The Space Needle in the upper right.

Some weird artwork in SEA.

Another one.

I wonder if it actually does anything or if it just sits there.

We're barely off the plane and Ogii is already shopping.

Giant rocks in the airport.

And whale bones.

When you take your time shopping before getting your bags, it makes it easy to find yours; they're the only ones left.

SEA has a special area for ride shares.

Each stall has a number so they can text you where they are.

The top of the Starbucks logo.

A mix of old brick and new glass.

We saw the Great Wheel on our ride from the airport. That counts; we can check it off the list.

Norwegian, but Bliss; not our ship.

A South Dakota plate at the hotel.

So much candy.

Monica opening presents.

They were remodeling the room across from ours.

A neat pair of photos. The Seattle skyline in 1917...

... and 2006.

The chefs coming onto the other NCL ship.

A hotel on a pier.

Orca mural.

Chess club ad.

The three women with the Space Needle.

And with lots of scooters.

Looking down the street.

The Olympic Sculpture Park.

Walking by the tall red thing.

A stringy wood thing.

A metal bench thing.

A map.

Walking under the Olympic Iliad.


Sonic Bloom.

Chihuly Garden.

A history.

A bowl.

In front of blue wigglies.

Under a colorful roof.

The roof.

A big long thing.

From the end.

These boats with balls were neat.

With Monica.

Upside-down Christmas trees.

Us under one.

Bowl garden.

With us.

Pretty inside.

Pizza oven.

Open area.

With the Space Needle.


Tall green spiked plant.


With the Space Needle.

Us with the Needle. Come closer and get lower.

There you go.

In a reflection.

Yellow ball.

Monica with the Needle.

That's neat, but a tad expensive.

A fiddler outside.

Us with the Needle.

Mom carrying everything.

Sideways smiley.

Lots of events.


Waiting for the train.

A little piece of artwork.

A man on top of the roof on the far right.

Construction across from us.

Walking to Pike Place Market.

There are these cast-human lamps on the walls.

More of them.

The gum wall.

Gotta have a taste.

A poem in the ground.

In front of the market.

Lots of fruits.

So many booths inside.

We decided on this place for lunch.

That looks good.

About to eat.

Walking by more booths afterwards.

Lots of seafood.

Sausage factory dining sounds good, too.

Inside the market.

Shopping at Ross. Gotta be careful to not wear these on the cruise.

Tall building.

In front of a mural.

Another bunch of shops.

Nice banjo playing.

I bought a CD.

Little restaurant.

Monica with her coffee.

Brick in front, glass in back.

The seagulls didn't seem to mind the anti-bird spikes.

Monica's birthday thing.

Big fire.

That's more reasonable.

Blowing out the candles.

A video.

Monica and Dad had walked to Starbucks and mentioned there was a candy store with Super Ropes near it. Since I haven't been able to find Super Ropes anywhere, I had to go check it out.

Sure enough, they had a bunch.

What would you ever use a Ziplock that big for?