2022 May 30 | Alaska cruise, day 2 - at sea

Showing Mom our electronic portable bidet and I accidentally squirted her. Oh well, a little poop water on your shirt isn't so bad.

We brought a manual one and an electronic one.

I love this piece of art in the atrium.

All of the magnetic hooks got put to good use.

Some by the door to hold the schedules and maps and umbrellas.

You have to put your room card in this slot to turn on the power and lights in the room.

But any card would work since it's a mechanical button, so we used a different one so we wouldn't forget our room card in there when we left.

The English breakfast sausages and bacon are thicker than the American ones.


Our table was up front above the observation deck.

Thieves sneaking stuff out of the buffet.

Seats up front in the observation deck.

Ogii and Monica.

Ogii and me.

A little nap.

Before work.

The internet speeds were decent. You could do video conferencing, although sometimes it would drop, and uploading large database files took a long time.

Fruit carving.

The results.

Monica at the onboard Starbucks.

Skinny, expensive watches.

Fun on a whiteboard.

The gals with their suckers and Dad with his shirt.

Time for a poker tournament. We normally didn't wear our masks, but when we were in groups with other people packed in a tight space or at a table facing other people like this, we did.

My AA won.

All three of us made it to the final table.

Ogii in a big hand.

We all had an ace and another big card; the guy who won had 7-5 and paired his 7. This was a huge pot that basically decided the tournament.

Three left: Dad, me, and the guy who won the huge pot with 7-5.

Not too many blinds now.

Dad got knocked out and the family came to watch.

All-in, I had a pair, he made a straight, and he won the tournament.

It was a satellite tournament, so he won a free cruise for two in December and entry into the big poker tournament on that cruise. I won the money above the amount required to make it a satellite tournament, so I ended up with $900. All three of us had multiple buy-ins, but we still came out ahead as a family.

All three of us played very well, including Dad, who doesn't play nearly as much as Ogii and me.

Pig in the buffet.

80s trivia in the atrium.

We scored 100%.

So I played Rock Paper Scissors against someone from the other teams to determine the overall winner.

On the neat steps.

Playing a bit for Skittles instead of money.

A 50s style diner.

Although we ate dinner at Le Bistro, a French restaurant.

Some people might like this, but I'm not a fan.

Monica's mussels.

The main courses were better. I had duck.

Ogii had lamb.

Mom's steak.

Monica's fish. The food was OK overall, but not that great.

Then we watched Kinky Boots. The show was really good.

The woman in front of us was cross stitching during the show.

We had rushed off from Le Bistro to get to Kinky Boots because the service was quite slow, so they offered to deliver the desserts to our room later in the evening, which was nice.

Lots of chocolate.

The evening game shows were fun.

The three couples.

As always, the old couple was the funniest.

Although they were in the atrium, so the acoustics were quite bad; it was often heard to hear what people were saying.

The Local above the atrium was open 24 hours.

Eating and watching.

Freestyle for the next day.

The other side.

Dancing at The Social.

Tonight was 80s, our favorite.