2008 Aug 03 | Selby

Minnesota has a ton of windmills.

Dad's Legion of Merit; very impressive.

The Pizza Hut that was in Mobridge went out of business, but someone started up a new pizza place without the franchise, so I guess all they really had to do was take down all of the "Hut" stuff.

Painting Grandpa's house isn't so bad if I stay in the shade.

Dad and Mom's new puppy.

The river at Mobridge.

I really hate uncontrolled intersections, especially if there are houses close to the corners. I really don't trust any other drivers to be watching out enough to feel the "right of way" rule will be followed by them all.

Geo Metros don't have A/C, but they do get 50mpg.

The Pheasant Drive-Inn movie theater in Mobridge is still open.

And this guy is still there, adding up all the snack prices in his head.

The professional way to measure the land you just bought: two guys and a piece of 100-foot string.

Mr. Bob's Drive-Inn still has some of the yummiest hamburgers ever.

A storm came through Selby and took down some trees, although it didn't do too much damage except for this building.

A quarter of the roof was blown across the highway.

A lightning strike also took out the power at our house until some guys were able to get out and fix it.

The monsters.