2022 May 31 | Alaska cruise, day 3 - Juneau - Mendenhall Glacier, tram

Day three is Juneau.

I like that the dress code is resort casual everywhere except Ocean Blue and Le Bistro on Norwegian.

Sun coming up.

Another cruise ship.

The atrium is empty.

Only a few people in the observation deck.

Looking out the front.

Some of the doors have these buttons you have to press to get in.

Which is annoying; I prefer the doors that automatically open when you get close. I wonder why some have these?

The gym is fairly busy but not packed.

Monica running with a beautiful view.

Mom and Monica.


Ogii and Mom.

Aw, no Angry Birds.

Waterslide and snow-covered mountains.

The pool area.

From the other side.

Lots of mountains.


There aren't any backwards red fish on the carpet.

Me getting the camera ready with the 600mm zoom lens and 2x adapter. Although with the 2x adapter, it wouldn't autofocus, so we mostly took pictures without it.

We had the tripod set up, but we mostly just took pictures by hand.

Ogii looking for whales.

Monica looking for moose.

Some of our neighbors looking for things, too.

All of us on the balcony.

The Galaxy Pavilion VR room.

Lots of different games.

More here.

Even the floor was pretty.

Ready for our first game.

Shooting werewolves.

It was pretty fun.

I won, of course. Dad did really well, too.

Going down into a mine and shooting monsters. I made it to the final boss.

Flying. This one made everyone a bit queasy.

Racing game.

I couldn't figure out how to reverse, so I started hitting a bunch of the random buttons on the side.

That apparently wasn't a good idea.

Watching dinosaurs.

Shooting aliens.

Relaxing on the balcony afterwards.

This trash can had an electronic lid, but the batteries were dead, so I had to lift the entire top off to throw away some tissue.

Checking out the art.

Some of them had chips of paint coming off.

The auction is starting.

They served mimosas.


Sometimes you just want something American: burger, fries, pizza, chicken tenders, and mac and cheese.

Ogii went with the more exotic.


Other cruise ships at the Juneau dock.

And a third.

The Celebrity ship had the best dock, right by the tram. We had to take buses to get there.

The casino is shut down while in port in Alaska.

There was no announcement about getting off the ship except don't get in line.

Eventually we decided to ignore that and went and got in line, and it was huge.

More up there.

Almost out.

The elevators are turned off.

They only use them for handicapped people.

Scanning your face as you leave.

All of the buses.

Guiding our bus into it's parking spot.

Here it comes.

Downtown with a long stream coming down the mountain.

Many streams.

A bunch of bald eagles on the sand bar.


Mendenhall Glacier.

Us in front.

A little trail that wrapped around to Nugget Falls.

A plaque for a wolf that lived around there.

Glacier to the left, falls to the right.

The glacier with lupines.

The visitor's center was nice.

Even caught a bird flying by.

It must be beautiful with the northern lights.

Some spiders outside. I hope they didn't cause that blood.

A little closer view of the glacier.

It's 70 in Alaska; wasn't expecting that.

A list of buses from the cruise ships.

The same metal Costco folding chair everyone has.

A totem pole.

Next stop was the tram.

Up we go.

Two ships to the left.

One to the right.

Dad and Mom.

Higher up to the left.

And to the right.

Me and Monica.

The girls.

A bit of snow in the shade.

With a bear.

A restaurant. Although if we wait a bit, we can eat for free on the ship.

And a gift shop.

From an observation deck.

The had totems there, too.

Our ship from above.

And the Princess one.

Headed back down.

I can get a clearer shot if I stick my camera out of this little window. Just don't drop it.

Everyone watching.

Downtown shopping area.

An Effy store.

A llama store.

With a cute stuffed llama out front.

We got a free book with our purchase. It's gotta be a religious one.

Yep, Scientology.

That'd be a lot of steps to take every day.

Pretty glass.

A bar.

Red Dog Saloon.

Sawdust on the floor.

Live music.

I like their names for liquor.

Wyatt Earp left his gun here.

There were lots of stores with tourist stuff.

Many had animals out front to take pictures with.

The boba store closed; I thought it might do well here. I guess I'm not a good business planner.

Big bear in front of this store.

Whale whiskers.

Teeth and arrowheads.

Funny shirt.

A lot of stores had these signs.

A better view of the stream down the mountain.

Heading back to the ship on the other side of the road.

Another store.

More northern lights pictures.

A weed dispensary. I guess it's legal here.

Old hotel.

Artist gallery.

Funny fuzzy swimsuits.

Another bear.

And another.

We got back to where the tram was.

And took the bus with the blue and black moose antlers back to the ship.


This singer was really good.

Turkey in the buffet.

A nice view for sunset.

Great desserts.

Tomorrow's Freestyle.

And the back.

Ogii has started a little collection of cups from the buffet.

The sunsets last a long time.

Doing some laundry. I wasn't planning on this, but I ran in the rain a few times in Seattle, so the pants I was planning on wearing a few days on the ship were already sweaty and stinky when I got on.

The bag is really thin and rips easily.

Dancing to 70s music.