2022 Jun 01 | Alaska cruise, day 4, Skagway - Summit Scenic Drive, go-karts, laser tag

Today's plan.

Very pretty going between the mountains.

Hanging out in the observation lounge.

Arriving at Skagway. There are four other cruise ships there.

The high and low tides are very obvious on the rocks.

Waterslide and mountains.

Dirty laundry and used cups ready to go when they clean our room mid-cruise.

These waterproof pants are pretty neat. They have a clip in the pocket so you don't loose stuff and zippered vents on the inside legs to stay cool.

You can access some of your accounts on the TV in your room.

Some upcoming reservations.

Everyone getting off.

The exit was through deck five, which is where all the chidrens' rooms are. The arcade.

For older kids.

And for younger kids. It's nice they're all close together.

These kids were walking to our ship with newspapers.

And these people were standing by another ship. I wonder what newspaper it is?

Cool glass floor on the SeaWalk on a Princess ship.

Paintings on the rocks of different cruises.

Lots of vans lined up for excursions.

And a train, too.

This was a local tour.

Where the drivers dressed up.

Our went out of town.

The driver had some handouts, including items the old travelers should bring.

At a river where they get the town water from.

Monica and me getting pictures.

In front of some mountains.

Onto the next stop.

Which was the border.

Ogii might have crossed the border by the tip of a finger.

The sign welcoming us to the US and Alaska.

A little waterfall.

Some dandelions and mountains.

The border patrol is back down the mountain a bit so they don't have to go all the way to the top in the snow.

They had a hummingbird feeder.

After the bus tour, we walked around town. There were only a few blocks on the main street.

With a moose.

Neat art.

A Wells Fargo.

It looks a bit old inside.


Old safe.

Coin sorter.


A ton of ones. I think the teller mentioned these were from tips from the cruises?


These women were hanging out of the second-story window, telling people to come to the show.

It worked on us.

So we went to the Days of 98 Show.

Old pictures.

They used to have a little gambling hall in this room.

A small theater.

The actors.

They put on a nice play.

Checking out more tourist shops.

A totem pole.

Some neat photographs.

Gold nugget jewelry.

Neat building.

And another.

That's pretty much the end of the tourist street.

The Red Onion Saloon.

Looking inside.

Gold miner mural.

Another tourist shop. I liked the placemats on the right.

Another moose.

Follow the railroad tracks back to the ship.

Just don't get run over by the train.

Some huge dandelions.

A map of the town; it's quite small.

Flowers and mountains.

The old settlers. That does not look like fun.

At the harbor.

Dad, Monica, and Mom on their balcony.

Can you find them?

We spent the afternoon on the ship. The hot tubs were open.

So we jumped in one.


I went down the waterslide. It dropped much faster than I was expecting.

There weren't too many people out today.

We had lunch at The Local above the atrium.

The food was decent.


A bean bag challenge.

The casino is always closed in port.

Tables at the old diner.

The we went go-karting.

You couldn't be too heavy, although the scale didn't say what your weight was; just if you passed or not.

Ready to go.

Mom got a video of us.

How did we do?

Nice balconies on the back of the Royal Princess.

Watching the people come back.

A few people were filtering out onto the pool deck.

A bit of ping pong.

Then time for laser tag.

I've never done it outdoors.

Ready to go.

There was a shield you could activate for a few seconds, but it didn't seem to help much.

It was men versus women.

They beat us easily.

Dinner time.


Laundry was done when we got back to our room.

Of course, they had this ad for a full bag of laundry for $29 after we sent the laundry in. Thankfully they only charged us that, but I could have fit a few more things in if I'd known that. Although not too much more, because the bag was really thin and ripped easily.

The $10 sale. It was even buy three, get one free. It seems a bit early in the cruise; usually it's on the second-to-last day.

Ogii with her choices.

These display cases move out and spin around to show off items during the day or lock them up at night.

Back to the buffet for a late-night snack.

Then we watched Choir of Man. They brought out free beer to the audience.

A very tall tower of cups.

Lots of singing and dancing.

It was a really fun show.

Tomorrow's events.

And the inside.

Sliver moon over the mountains.