2022 Jun 02 | Alaska cruise, day 5 - Glacier Bay

Plans for the day.

Ogii up early getting the sunrise.

Nice shot.

Lots of people walking around with decent cameras. This is also the smoking section of the ship. It's rather weird that it's an enclosed area outside by the pool.

People set up in the observation deck.

They opened the front of the ship as well so you can go outside.

Walk over here.

Down this hallway.

They duct taped a mic to the ceiling. Whatever works.

Out front. Although it's still a bit cool.

So it's nice we have our own balconies. Chairs set up ready to watch.

National Park rangers came onto the boat to explain Glacier Bay to people.

Their itinerary.

The observation deck.

The view.

Lenses ready to go in our room.

Although I mostly stuck with the big zoom one and the normal one.

A whale.

It's tail.

Going down.

A station on the TV showed the open area up front.

What are those dark specks floating in the water?

Aw, cute, otters.

A bunch of seagulls. I guess they've figured out cruise ship passengers will give them food.

Ogii got a close-up shot of one.

Coming up to our first glacier.

The front is pretty packed now.

This is the Margerie Glacier.

Gotta get a selfie with it.

It's not that cold.

Spotting scope, camera with multiple lenses, binoculars, selfie stick, and tripod.

To the left is the Margerie Glacier; to the right is the Grand Pacific Glacier.

Their approximate times were pretty close.

It's nice they have pictures of them so you know which one you're seeing.

Although they look cooler from above than straight on. Too bad you can't fly drones off the ship.

A nice map as well.

Monica found the meeting rooms were empty, so she could get some videoconferencing done.

Mom, you're supposed to be on glacier / whale / other animal duty, not napping! What, you think you can relax on a cruise?

And Dad as well.

Selfie with the Lamplugh glacier.

Oh, wait, it's over here.

I can't believe people would go on a cruise that includes Glacier Bay, since most ships don't have authorization to go in there, and then just spend the day shopping rather than watching glaciers.

Out on the front deck they had some drinks available.

The front of the ship.

Lots of people.

Back in our room.

For the John Hopkins glacier.

Me taking pictures.

Mom and me taking pictures.

Jaw Point.

Neat striations in the snow.

Close up of the John Hopkins glacier.

And the Lamplugh glacier.

Relaxing and watching for interesting sights.

There were some little pieces of ice floating around.

This one had something brown and fuzzy on top, so I grabbed the zoom lens.

A harbor seal and her pup.

Some kayakers. How did they get way out here?

Ogii got a nice pictures of the waves.

The rangers leaving.

I think these kids ate an entire watermelon.

Alaskan salmon with pecan crust.


Merengue dance lessons.

Time for another poker tournament. This one isn't for a cruise; they just pay out the top three.

This woman was a lot of fun. We did a shot of Fireball.

It started with four tables. When we got down to one table, they had us put our chips in these buckets, and then he carried them all to the table. But what if he tripped? All of the chips would get mixed together and nobody would know how much they had.

Big hand.

When we got to the final four, we decided to have a four-way chop. I think I'm a much better player than them, especially when we're really short, but they all wanted to chop, so I went along with it.

They guy who won the first tournament bubbled this tournament, so I said we should give him $100. He was a fun guy, and we had played poker with him on a previous cruise.

Should we eat at Savor...

... or Taste?

Oh, wait, they have the same menu. And it's also the same menu as the Manhattan Room. I'd rather have three completely different menus.

The great singer again.

We'd walked through here a few times but I never noticed the pool table. We'll have to play some time.

Watching sunset from the back of the boat.

Ogii is braver than me because I refused to step on the glass.

Neat clouds.