2022 Jun 04 | Alaska cruise, day 7 - Victoria - Butchart Gardens

Last day. Time to do random things we haven't done yet.

Like playing pool.

Ogii shooting.


And Mom.

I played slots for a little over an hour because some of the cruise lines give big discounts if you gamble in the casino some. I put in $20, surfed the internet while pressing the "bet" button for an hour, and cashed out for $0.02. We'll see if we get any promos now.

I'm still finding these stickers on my clothes from the laundry.

Nobody out at the pool today; it's too cold. Crazy we were in Alaska for a week and it was 70 and then was only cold when we got farther south to Canada.

Still love the buffet.


A Princess ship.

We got into town late, so it was already dark.

We took a double decker bus.

The driver pointed out some landmarks we drove by.

On our way to Butchart Gardens.

It was sprinkling a bit, so they had umbrellas to use.

The entrance sign.

Us by it.

Neat flower.

Many of them.

Puffy ones.

Some water.

Rubbing the boar's snout for luck.

Large pond.

Another one.

Japanese section.

Under a shelter.

On a bridge.

Rock garden.

Wooden structure.


Dragon fountain.

Salmon fountain.

Tunnel of plants.

Walking through it.

It doesn't provide much cover, though.

Wet flowers.

Ogii by a carousel horse.

Sunken garden. We didn't have any time to explore it because we were in a hurry.

Hanging flowers.

Very bright.

A water wheel.

Back to the buses.

We got the top front seats.

Laughing about how ludicrous visiting a garden at night in the rain was.

Chinatown gates.

Very narrow alley.

Huge hotel.

Government building.

Leaving the ship the next morning. They don't want anyone hiding out and staying on.

The driver fit all of our luggage in the back.

Long lines at the airport. Good thing we're early. We hate a very late flight but managed to get on an earlier one.

Psychedelic wall.

They have a South Dakota visitor's guide in the Seattle airport.

Ogii napping.

A great lunch.


It's nice to have the chargers in the chairs.

We used all of them.

A few pictures I didn't upload earlier.


Monica's champagne.


Everyone on phones.

In the observation deck.

We got balconies right across from each other by the stairs, so if someone saw something neat on one side we could all run over there. It worked out quite well.

A video of the cruise.