2022 Jun 12 | REOS CE

A little for the cooking, a little for the cook.


Ogii voting.

The passenger train going by.

I love when there are a bunch of jasmine plants together. They smell so good.

The printer said the ink tank could not be recognized.

Even thought I had bought the genuine Canon ones at like four times the price of duplicates. After I re-inserted it a few times it worked.

They're cleaning flights so fast now. Everyone wasn't even off yet and the cleaners were already working their way back.

Big clouds.

Still negative even a few days after the cruise.

I'd assume the pharmacy closing on Sundays is because of labor shortages, but I don't know why they wouldn't have any COVID tests.

Cheap meat. Do you get both the $3 and $5 discount or one?

Our new hummingbird flowers died during the cruise.

We were only gone a week. Maybe it got too hot for them?

Al is a loving husband. Peg is sad the local peeper isn't looking in her window, so Al peeps her.

Bud's hair changed a ton between seasons. It was very long, and then it was very short.

And my favorite episode of all time; when Kelly loses the ashes for Al's barbecue and uses some she found.


And bubblegum icecream.

Mom would like these.

How can they be out of all sodas?

The receipts are also unreadable because they're out of ink.

And we asked for honey, not honey mustard.

I liked some of the ideas in Matrix Resurrections, but it was not nearly as good as the first film.

The prints for my past MBOS board members arrived from ArtBeat.

Ogii helping to open them.

They pack them quite well, all wrapped up in bubble tape and with little blocks of wood to keep them from shifting.

The prints.

Maybe this spider wants to go to the beach.

REOS had a CE meeting at Vintner's Winery in Santa Rosa.

Nice place.

Dr. Paul Karpecki specializes in dry eyes.



Great food.

And good wine.

He also covered general and ocular health benefits of wine.

He is a master sommelier as well, so he talked about how to properly taste wine.

There were a lot of samples to try.

Checking out the wine.

We all got a bottle of wine and a mini wine bottle cooler.

Pretty sunset and moonrise.

I like this mini Axe container for hair gel for travel, but they don't make them any more. I can just refill them with larger containers, though.

A hummingbird on our jasmine.

I remember when hamburgers used to be $1 at McDonald's; now the've doubled in price.

Ogii cooking duck.

Trying the new wine with it.

Picking fresh strawberries.

They're a bit small, but very good.

Aw, the draw string tip cover fell off in the laundry.

As did a few of the plastic zipper extenders. Normally I wouldn't care, but I rather like these.

The food court at Costco is so cheap.

Gotta love the pizza and hot dog.

Especially because they're so big.

Eye exam available there.

Time for some massages.

Good way to relax a bit more after the cruise.

Grigg's nursery in Carmel Valley has this metal buffalo family.

We picked up a few new hummingbird flowers.

And then checked out a tasting room for lunch.

Some sculptures in front.

Some in back.

The umbrellas help with the sun.

The chef talking with some guests.

The food was quite good.

Ogii ready to eat.


And another one.

They were very short on help as well; they just let the dishes pile up for now.

Ogii planting her new flowers.

Some llamas.

Llamas with cows.

Some sheep.

And baby geese.

Gas spiked to over $7 per gallon.

$16,000 per night is a bit steep.