2022 Jun 26 | MBOS CE, lightning storm, Diablo Immortal

Ogii's shorts pockets are too small, so she has to carry all of the tennis balls.

Easy life; picking blueberries from a hammock.

These are neat CE events; on cruises.

They have multiple ones.

When the labs get moved to other countries, it takes much longer to get the products.

It always seemed rather dumb.

We had a CE event. I gave Dave a plaque...

... for his years of service.

And also gave out prints of my photos...

... to my former board members.

The lecturer discussed OCT-A.




A neat necklace for Mom; a map of Selby with a diamond.

Ogii liked the boxes it was in.

Out running and some thunderclouds are rolling in.

Nice to come home to the sweet-smelling jasmine after a run.

More clouds over here.

Mammatus clouds; don't see that much.

Me getting a picture.


The sky got very pink.

Above the fields.

A read the first of these books.

That's a cool idea. But that's a problem with a lot of sci-fi books; a neat idea, but poor writing and the author hasn't thought of a good ending.

Ogii getting some strawberries.

We wanted to watch A Few Good Men, but it wasn't available to rent, only to buy.

Although we could watch it here with ads.

I haven't watched ads in forever, but it wasn't so bad.

Cute bunny.

Little ground squirrel out of his hole.

I bet he's a gambler.

Neat mural under a bridge.

The other side.

Tried out the new Diablo Immortal game.

Ah, the good ol' connection failed. That's still the same.

There are footprints to lead to where to go.

It looks like the next areas are constantly downloading while you play.

Although there are too many of these rewards and such; I just wanna kill monsters.

And I want to raise lots of skeletons as a necromancer, not just two.

Wasn't really into the story, either, so a fast uninstall.

The Venetian isn't too expensive except for the weekend of Vision Expo; that's crazy.