2022 Jul 01 | Leg Day

Neat flower by the tennis courts.

Ogii taking pictures of hummingbirds.

I spent a few minutes sweeping up dirt, and then Ogii came by with her vacuum to suck it up. Oh, no; I didn't take the time to sweep it just to have her suck it up and take the credits. So I had to block her vacuum with my broom until I could sweep it into a dust pan.

That's one way to keep your phone in the shade while you're in the hammock.

This giant flamingo float is $200 on Amazon with free shipping. But when I ship it via FedEx, it's $150. I have no idea how Amazon can offer free shipping on things like this.

Neat little card, USB-A to USB-C.

I need some new dress shoelaces, and there are a bunch here, but the ones I want are sold out.

These fields had fires at some point.

106 degrees on the drive to Sacramento.

The bridge there.

Neat museum, but no time to go.

Lots of homeless live near downtown.

Cute little vehicle.

A small forward-facing camera on a car.

Staff shortage, so some of the breakfast wasn't made.

And they were out of orange juice.

I saw this key on the ground where I parked. It wasn't mine. The guy who had parked next to me was coming back to his car, but he said it wasn't his. Hopefully nobody needed it too badly.

I went to Sacramento for Leg Day. I got there a bit early, so I helped them carry things in from their cars.

The app was actually quite good.

Lots of useful links.

The bathroom is kind of weird. There is a window between the men's and women's sinks, not a wall or mirror, so you can see the other gender washing their hands. When I walked in, I saw a woman in the window, and thought I was in the wrong bathroom.

A little charging station. Those are always useful nowadays.

There were around 100 optometrists.

Dr. Theaker and Dr. Redman showed how and now not to talk to legislators.

And then I won Key Person of the Year.

I had also won it back in 2014. I didn't know you could win it twice.

The had set up a slit lamp with a YAG laser to practice on, since that was what one of our bills was partially for.

Zapping the lens.

A nice lunch.

Then to the capital for meetings with legislators. Actually, the capital is under construction, so we were in a different building.

There were a lot of different bills on different topics being discussed today.

One of ours was supposed to be now, but it got pushed back for some reason.

They took comments and questions from audience members. They also took them from people who called in, but 95% of the callers just ranted and yelled about something, so they got cut off. What a pain for the committee members.

Over to this building for Zoom meetings.

As some legislators didn't want to meet in person yet.

A nice view of the capital.

Bob is always having fun.

Then an in-person meeting.

A big portable air conditioning unit. That's nice, as it's over 100 and we're walking back and forth across the park to get from the building where the legislators are to this one.

Some appetizers.


They finally got to our bill. Dr. Redman told the committee about it.

Everybody watching.

It passed that commitee 7-1, so we were quite happy about that. Still more committees to go, though.

The local cats hanging out on the fences.

This one casually snuck up on a hummingbird, but I've never seen him catch a single one.

All kinds of Kit Kat flavors now.

Aw, I just missed 77777.

We went to Montrio because Trevor gave us a gift card as thanks for the print which was thanks for his service on my MBOS board. The ironwork looks like grape vines.

More inside.

I think we'll get something other than the $188 steak.

The bread looks like it's smiling.

My meal.


My dessert.

And Ogii's.

A couple of these loofahs have fallen apart now. Ones we bought earlier never did. Everything is made so poorly nowadays.