2022 Jul 02 | 4th of July in Austin, TX with Monica, Kat, and Kendra - Cidercade, bat boat

Arriving at the San Jose airport.

This baby was ready to go.

Ogii didn't have a window.

Almost everyone was sleeping on the plane.

Pretty clouds.

First stop when we got to Austin was Terry Black's Barbecue.

The building where it's made.

And the restaurant where it's eaten.

Fun flag.

Lots of big chucks of meat.

Sweet tea.

Digging in.

At the Greetings from Austin mural.

A little bakery next door.

Neat building; very futuristic on top and earthy on bottom.

Monica is the queen of parking apps.

Rainey street has a bunch of bars.

Texas cutout.

I wonder what's down there.


Come one, come y'all.

Texas of plants.

A bunch of scooters.

Many trailers in this area.


Rather eclectic.

House party.

A phone booth.

Texas table.

Live music.

Under the street sign.

Smelling the flowers.

A building that looks like an owl.

At Cidercade. There was a bit of a line, but it moved fast.

Time for some basketball, starting with Kat.




And Ogii.

Huge Rice Krispies treats.

Sunset Riders.

Ogii's fingers got tired, so she used her elbow.

Bad Dudes.

A shooting game.


My favorite, Monster Bash. Although somebody was always playing it.


Kendra won.

Street Fighter.

It looks like the cabinet is from Japan.

More games here.

And here.

Lots of shooting games.

You can order alcohol from the bar.

That's an interesting top.

Glad we got in when we did; the line is much longer now.

Multi-player Pac-Man.

Ogii having fun.

My turn.

Q-Bert. I was always horrible at that game.

A patio with swings.

With a view of the river.


On the swings.

Tons of dog statues on this building.

Gourdough's Public House.

Lots of crazy donuts.

Like these.

We only had time for drinks.

Drink fast.

They got a red one.

Neat mural.

A Wonder Woman one.

Time for our bat tour via boat under the Congress Avenue Bridge.

Fun logo.

Bat painting.

Close up.

The back of the boat had a bat cutout.

Right by downtown.

Some cool buildings.

They were getting a picture of their group.

But I figured they wanted her in it, so I took the picture for them.

There are lots of kayakers out.

Along with paddle boarders.

Kat and Kendra.

Monica with the sun.

The sun reflecting in her sunglasses.

With the skyline.

Getting a bit crazy.

Me and Monica.

People were lined up along the bridge.

The sun is almost down.

Here come the bats.

Zoomed in on them.

Even more.

Our boat.

This cloud looked like a bird.

A cool cloud.

Long line of bats.

The buildings were red, white, and blue at night.

ATX sign.