2022 Jul 05 | 4th of July in Austin, TX with Monica, Kat, and Kendra - boating, state capitol

Ogii making breakfast for everyone.

It's all so good.

Monica and me cleaning dishes.

The backyard...

... has this pathway...

... that leads down to the lake. It's super low this year, though.

Golf cart parking for the local residents.

Captain Pete's is a floating restaurant.


Loved the fries.

It was right by the boat rental.

Monica carrying the ice and water.

Our boat.

Us in it.

Monica enjoying the breeze.

Kat and Kendra.

The massive mansion of Mattress Mack with a giant American flag.

Close up.

Ogii and me.

With Monica.


Ogii's hair bouncing.

Hang on when we go over waves.

Kendra driving.

Monica as the front lookout.

Although she seems to be looking the wrong way right now.

Diamond-shaped house.

Old-school boat.

A lot of people on the beaches.

Kat skiing.

A video of the tubing and skiing.

Hair flying in the wind.

The jetskiers love the waves behind the boats.

Lots of windows on the house on the left, and the house on the right has a little ciruclar room.

People hanging out on top of their docked boats.

Lots of huge houses.


Float with slides.

This cove had a ton of boats.

Tied together for a party.

Monica and Ogii.

The girls.

Now we have to navigate out of here without hitting any boats, especially the police.

This is neat; the front of the seat lifts up so you can sit higher and don't have to stand to see above the windshield.

Although I only found out about it as we were bringing the boat back.

Helicoptering to the beach.

Deer right by the side of the road.

Dinner at the Lucky Rabbit.

If you have a pickup, anywhere is parking.

The handles are shotguns.

Live music.

The bathroom locks are horseshoes.

Pretty table with an old wagon as the sink.

Old bus as a bar.

Jell-o shots.



It was a close game.

Lots of people there.

A doe and three fawns.


Two little ones lying down until momma comes back.



More deer.

Old planes.

A local 4th of July parade.

This girl got a lot of candy.

Neat old car.

The local residents decorated their cars and golf carts.

Our group.

One cart threw out adults-only Jell-o shots.

This kid came by on his bike and a sack and picked up candy as the parade went along. He's going to have a huge cache by the end.

Monica grabbing some candy.

Giving some Jell-o shots back to the people in the parade.

Us with our Jell-o and matching t-shirts.

So much candy.

Ogii shoving it in her pockets.

We filled my hat.

She got a Kit Kat.

Sharing a long strip of fruit candy.

Video of parade highlights.

More deer.

Driving out to the lake.

Setting up by the beach.

It was super windy, so we kept the canopy low.

Drinking in the lake.

Ogii and Monica's toenail polish matched.

Neat murals.

Another one.

That reminds me of the balloon from It.

Very pink.

Ogii in the telephone booth.

Me by the door.



A baby plant.

Cattle drive mural under the overpass.

Parking and hopping on a shuttle bus.

To a big outdoor festival.

Huge water cooler.

People were setting up in the shade of the few trees.

The picture in the grill of this Jeep looks like mine; a lighthouse at sunset.

Restaurant mascot.

More deer.

Sun rays.

We were just above Mattress Mack's house for the fireworks.

There they go.

A video of the end of the fireworks.

We kept passing by this area and Ogii kept saying there was a big. Nobody else saw it, so we though she was seeing things. But we finally went really slowly, and sure enough, there it was.

A delivery robot.

Vietnam Veterans memorial.

At the state capitol.

Texas Peace Officers' Memorial.

The capitol.

Old entrance gate.


Kat fits in well.

Frontier woman.

Rose garden.

Around the other side.

Goddess of Liberty on top.

Texas Ranger.


Looking up.


The Price of Liberty statue.

Escape pods at the airport.

The Sprinkles cupcake machine was being filled.

There was a line waiting for him to finish.