2022 Jul 10 | Mongolian Naadam festival and arcades in Alameda, Asian Art Museum

There was a Mongolian Naadam festival in Alameda.

Main tent.

Kids playing chess.

Ogii getting a temporary tattoo.

This guy was selling instruments.

They're very nice.

A booth with books.

Another with cashmere. We bought mom and dad some.

Horse milk.

I like the spoon handle top.

Us with the milk.

There were some tents with food for sale.

And lots of people busy making it.

Ogii waiting for our food.

Me eating it.

Some big food pyramids and steins.

People had set up chairs and tents in a circle around the field.

Us by the main tent.

Ogii said this one guy was a famous singer.

Ogii video chatting with her family.


We sat on the grass to watch.

More of them.

Good action.

By a yurt.

Little kids with bows and arrows.

For a kids archery competition.

I guess I've been with Wells Fargo for 17 years.

Lots of shops in downtown Alameda.

Ogii checking out some dresses.

Onto the Pacific Pinball Museum.

It's not too expensive.

Some really old games.

A history.

More old ones.

Slightly newer.

Through the decades.

More modern ones.

These are what I want to play.

Ogii too.

They had info on each machine which was fun to read.

Some old Victorian houses around town.

A couple more.

I love the blue one on the left.

Then onto High Scores.

An arcade.

Oregon trail on a PC; that's interesting.

Fighting games in the back.

Ogii doing well on Tetris.

I still remember all of the moves and fatalities for Mortal Kombat 2.

Although I couldn't remember how to beat Kintaro.

More games over here.

When I was a kid, I never understood how to win at Joust.

I liked this block game, but normally it has a rotating controller, and this just had a joystick, so it was nearly impossible.

Ogii playing Pac-Man.

She hops around and squeals when the ghosts get close to her.

They're renovating this old house.

This one matches the flowers out front.

Very circular.

Nice mural.

Were were staying in a yurt in the back yard of this house.

Along the side of the house.

The yurt.

A little outdoor toilet and shower.

The kitchen area.

Ogii inside.

The wire to open and close the roof.


A guest book.

Ogii wrote in it.

Breakfast the next morning.

A very home-style atmosphere.

We were the first ones there, although more patrons came in as we ate.

Great food.

Three neat houses in a row.

It's always fun going across the Bay Bridge and seeing the San Francisco skyline.

Now there are new skyscrapers, too.

We were going to park in this corner, but it smelled strongly of urine, so we figured we'd park somewhere where people didn't come to pee.

Although also not by all of the bottles.

A mural of a strong woman.

We went to the AMC IMAX.

To watch the new Thor movie.

There are a lot of special effects artists and groups.

Then we walked to the Asian Art Museum for the Discover Mongolia Through Film, Dance, and Music event.

Neat statue in front.

Art inside.

Welcoming everyone.

Explaining the program.

Playing an instrument.


The movie director.

The premiere screening of Aimuldir, Soul of the Burkitshi. It was similar to the Eagle Huntress, but was more of a photographic documentary than a story.

More dancers.

A video of the performers.

Checking out the director's pictures afterwards.

A yurt.

Eagle hunters.

One of his books.

Talking with him afterwards.

Ogii with some of the performers.

The we checked out the rest of the museum.

Lots of statues.


Lots of gold.

A rhino pot.

Daoist celestial worthy.

Snuff bottles.


Statue outside.

Very neat.

Another one.

Ogii gets to go shopping.

I'd go stand in line while she shopped. Then when she was done, I was at the front of the line.

The clearance section, great.

Bloomingdale's had some giant rainbow flags donated by Tom "The Flag Guy" Taylor.

Headphone chairs in the mall.

Zenni billboard; hard to beat $7 glasses.

Ogii brought home some of the desserts from the festival.