2022 Jul 13 | Point Sur Lighthouse moonlight tour

Driving to the Point Sur Lighthouse; we see it to the right of the road on top of the hill.

For these moonlight tours, you want to show up about 30 to 60 minutes early. There were already a few cars in line when we arrived an hour early.

Fun license plate.

From the side of the road.

They opened the gate at 7pm. I wonder why there are so many locks?

This volunteer gave you a printed info sheet and told you to drive down the road.

A couple more cars at the entrance.

A few porta potties.

Some flowers.

A few more.

Sand dunes and low clouds.

A very low cloud to the south.

Historical landmark.


We broke into two groups and started walking up the hill.

Plants growing out of the rock.

Don't touch the shiny poison oak.

We stopped often to discuss the history, which was a nice break from walking.

The Macon went down here.

The tip of the lighthouse above some flowers.

Sea lions down below.

What's that?

Where a truck tipped over and they had to haul it up.

Except one time a guy on the tour who was there when the truck tipped said the picture was sideways, so it wasn't really as bad as it looked.

The lighthouse.

Us with it.

Can't see it in this picture, but there's a whale out there.

Going in.

An old weight used to spin the light.

Up the stairs.

Each bolt was custom made for each step, so they had to number them.

Below the light.

Some information.

The light above us.

Prisms to let more natural light in.

The we got to go outside.

It was windy.

A video Ogii got walking around the outside.

The light above us.

A light outside.

About to go back in.

And down we go.

A history room.

Lots of exhibits.


Old light.


Central ones.

More southern ones.

Lens information.

Weight information.

The airship Macon sunk here.

A model of it.

Planes could attach to it.

Me reading.

Back outside and up some stairs.

The lighthouse from the stairs.


The inland shoreline.

The road we drove in on.

The top of the hill.

Old watertower.

Old house.

And another one.

Gift shop.

With lots of history.

Lighthouse history.

House history.

Cool shot on a postcard.

Lots of stuff to buy.

Info on the Macon.


Ogii touching something.

It's whale baleen.

A nice print of the lighthouse.

Then everyone headed outside for the moonrise.

It created a nice reflection on the ocean.


It looks like some employees had a potluck.

Touring inside the keeper's house.

Living room.


Airship with what looks to be a part of the Golden Gate Bridge before it was finished.

Back downstairs.

They had Love is Blue on the piano.

Old records.

Old office equipment.

Moon with some flowers.

Hiking back down the hill.

At 10pm, the lighthouse visitors were about the only people driving back on this road.