2022 Jul 17 | redwoods and Monterey Scottish Games with Chemka

Ogii took Chemka to the redwoods in Santa Cruz.

A bunch of trees.

Chemka and Ogii under one.


Looking up.

By the roots.

A deer.

A duck and some turtles.



Onto the Monterey Scottish Games and Celtic Festival.

Lots of vendors.


Royal court.



Lots of clans.




The games arena.

A tiny girl throwing a weight.

Some huge fish and chips for lunch.

We shared one.

caber toss.

He got it.

Women's events.

Heavy pole.

A sheep dog demonstration of them herding ducks.

Then sheep shearing.

Ogii checking what's up his kilt.


Locked in the stocks.

Sword demonstration.


We were supposed to each eat from one corner. There are three of us but four bit corners. How did this happen?

There was supposed to be dancing here but this guy said the schedule got changed.

More music.

Even more.

A video.

Then we went to Refuge.

Love the pools, steam room, and saunas there.

Checking out Joyce winery tasting room in Carmel Valley.

The tasting menu.


Ogii and me.

The three of us.

Getting every last drop.

Funny license plate.

A couple of bunnies.

California does some progressive stuff, but this is a bit far.

Hey, that's our Hallowen decoration! I wonder if a neighborhood cat grabbed it and hauled it into these bushes.

Buying a bunch of used books on Amazon.

Ogii massages my shoulder while I massage her foot.

Aw, this Mongolian restaurant in Santa Cruz closed. It was good food, but it didn't seem to be in a very busy location.

You can buy these forceps from medical supply stores for $200.

Or on Amazon for $20.