2022 Jul 22 | Lake Tahoe with Chemka - Thunderbird Lodge, CE, Bonsai Rock

Eating Korean BBQ.

Ogii cooking.

Chemka put garlic on the pork belly; very good.

Lots of awards.

Grabbing some boba from next door.

I had a meeting in Lake Tahoe, so the three of us went. We wanted to find a beach, and one called "Incline Public Beach" seemed good.

But the sign out front says no public access.

This one next door said the same thing. I guess we'll have to go farther south.

Love the curved section of this house.

Google Maps said the grocery store didn't open until 7am. Google Maps was wrong.

Tahoe Blue vodka.

Pretty postcards.

This local photographer put his prints up in the grocery store.

He has a gallery in town.

We were originally going to stay at the hotel the conference was at, but it was sold out, so we stayed at this AirBnB instead.

A tennis court and swimming pool.

Wraparound deck.

The deck from the back.



And bathroom.

A little balcony.

Second bedroom.

Second bathroom.

One nice thing about an AirBnB vs a hotel; you can cook your own food.

What's this thing? After some Googling, it's a pest repellent.

Bright blue bird.

We stayed their because they said they had fast internet so Ogii and Chemka could work, and it was nice and fast.

Friday morning I went to the Visitor's Center.

They had panels with Tahoe history.

Lots of gambling.

Pretty stained glass.

Useful plants.

Ads for other events.

The first summer home in Incline was built by a San Francisco surgeon.

Then I took this little shuttle bus.

Driving south, you can see the marina.

Coves with beautiful blue and green water with lots of kayakers.

The shuttle was to Thunderbird Lodge. It was built by George Whittell Jr, an heir to one of San Francisco's wealthiest families, in 1936. In 1935, he had purchased 27 miles of Lake Tahoe shorline, around one-third of the total.

Beautiful cove.

Tower with a light.

Beautiful view from this room.

Main living room.


Another one below.

Rug on the wall.

Outlines of him and his wife formed the railings.

Neat chair.

Old radio equipment.

And film equipment.

Little dioramas under the lights.


Old slot machine.

He had a movie screen which could be pulled down in front of the fireplace.

He and his wife stayed on opposite bedrooms upstairs.

He liked to label all of the lights.


With a door to the tunnel.

Down into the tunnel.

Some side passages.

A dungeon room.

Fun fireplace.

A pool which was started and never finished.

There are indentions in the floor.

For carts to move on.

The Thunderbird yacht.

From the back.


Beautiful water.

A private cove and island.

His poker house.

The bathroom...

... had a hidden entrance to the tunnels.

He had a pet lion.


The poker house from the outside.

The landscaping to the right looks kind of like a dragon if you're at the correct angle.

Tree, gazebo, and waterfall.

Front fountain.

A mini poker house.

The back yard.

Signal lights on the roof.

Springy metal chairs.


Another nice view.

A range finder.

Built by Bausch & Lomb.

Took the shuttle back to the visitor's center, then drove to the meeting. The AirBnB was only a few minutes away from the hotel, so that was nice.


Meeting area.



Lots of good food.

Goodies bag.


Neat lights.

Ooh, gotta buy some of those.

It was a good meeting.

She works in an office where they primarily see emergencies.

Their scheduling software tells them how long patients have been waiting. That's useful.

While I was at the meeting at the hotel, Ogii and Chemka were at the AirBnB working remotely.

Is this a real ad to not pee in the lake, or is it a joke? Cuz I'm not gonna get out of the lake and walk around to find a bathroom; I'm gonna pee in the lake.

We grabbed some barbecue.

And then headed to one of the events I saw listed on the visitor's center board: McAvoy Layne as Mark Twain.

It was at an outdoor amphitheater.

They had mats to sit on.

Our dinner.

He told stories like Mark Twain.

On our drive back to the AirBnB, we saw some pretty big houses.

Multiple decks.

There's a lot of wasted space to the right under those huge pillars.

Very wide.

All of my goodies from the bag for Ogii and Chemka to snack on tomorrow.

That evening we drove to Bonsai Rock.

We had tried the previous time but couldn't find the correct path. The best way down is actually farther north than the parking area.

Some paddle boarders coming in.

They de-inflated and folded up really small so it was easy for them to hike back up.

Bonsai rock.

Closer up.

With the sun behind.

Us with the rock.

Shadow of us kissing.

And kissing with the sun behind us.

Ogii soaked her feet for a bit.

While I took pictures.

A little rock cairn.

The water is super clear.

Having a taste.

Low angle on the rock.


Hiking back up. It's not very far, but there are different paths, so you want to take the easiest one.