2022 Jul 24 | Lake Tahoe with Chemka - gondola, Rock Hard Burlesque, cove

Sand Harbor beach doesn't open until 7am, but it's 5:45am and there's already a line of cars waiting.

This church was at the corner where we turned. Easy landmark, and pretty flowers.

Orange flowers.

I went to my meeting again. Very pretty restaurant.

Breakfast outside.

First speaker.

The meeting got over around 1pm, so we drove down the eastern side of the lake.

Trying to find a good place to park and go to the beach. It's pretty tough because cars are parked the entire way.

Even up on the side.

And almost hanging off the side.

Some people went a bit too far and needed to get their vehicles towed back onto the road.

Every beach was completely packed from Incline to South Lake Tahoe.

They're going to start requiring reservations next year. That's kind of a pain if you want to just show up, but considering how crowded everything is, maybe it's a good idea.

There are a bunch of casinos all packed together just into the Nevada side of border with California.

Once we got to South Lake Tahoe, we checked out Harrah's casino, which had a bunch of stores.

Nice view.

Instead of going to the beach, Ogii and Chemka went on the Heavenly gondola.

Riding up.

Beautiful view from the top.

The two sisters.

With the lake in the background.

Just Chemka.

Going back down.

Interesting boat.

There was some concert going on, so a lot of people were in crazy outfits.

That evening we went to Rock Hard Burlesque at the Hard Rock Hotel.


In a hoop.

They came down into the audience and danced, too.

Glowing outfits.

Hanging from fabric.

Audience participation: shotgunning a beer.


Two dancers hanging from chains.

Up on stage.

In the audience on chairs.

A video of some of the acts.

You could take pictures with the dancers afterwards.

Out front.

A Genghis Khan slot machine.

Late night pizza.

More meetings the next day.

Who came up with cucumber water at meetings? I hate cucumber.

Pretty flowers by the beach.

And out front.

While I was in the meetings, Chemka and Ogii went and found a cove.

Not too busy here so they could spread out some.

Crystal clear water.

Lots of kayakers.

In the water.


Time for lunch.

A little sandwich place in Incline.

This bird was eating bread crumbs.

A gap in the mountains on the drive back home.

There's some smoke from a fire near Yosemite.