2022 Aug 05 | corpse flower, Natural Bridges with Chemka, scleral workshop

Pretty sunset over a field by our house.

Some apples growing.

Massages in Monterey.

Making steak.

I like mushrooms on top.

Mega Millions has broken the screen.

I bought this wrapping paper and it's horrible; tape won't stick to it.

I guess I'll time the gifts closed.

Dinner at Mangia.

With wine.

It was quite good.

And dessert.

We drove to the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum to see the corpse flower.

The parking lots were full.

A ton of people.

The flower.

Ogii and Chemka with it. Unfortunately it didn't open and get all stinky, but it was still neat to see.


All kinds of different plants.

Spikey ones.

Under an arch.

Then we drove to Natural Bridges. These birds are barely hanging on to this ledge.

It seems people are breaking into the kiosk at the entrance.

Tiny flowers.

The natural bridge.

Sisters under it.

And inside it.

Checking out the tide pools.

There are lots of anemones there.

Including some big ones.

I love watching the waves interact; they run into each other here.

The Santa Cruz Diner has murals of local landmarks and activities.

And good food.

Nearby is Marianne's Ice Cream.

It's still busy even at 10pm.

Ooh, they have turtles. I love those.

Picking our ice cream.

Us with them.

These smoke stacks look scary at night.

This is a pain. I have all of my hard drives uploaded on Amazon Drive. Now I'm going to have to use another service. That in itself isn't a problem, but it takes weeks and weeks to upload everything, and then they uploads will cut off, and I'll have to restart them... it's just a huge hassle.

A bit of color for sunrise.

Ogii's presents.

The first one.

Two dresses. A colorful one.

And a more upscale one.

The neighbor's cat watching for hummingbirds.

Second present.

This was wrapped with the paper that tape doesn't stick to.

A white dress.

And a black one.

We had a scleral contact lens workshop.


A presentation on the lenses.

Trying them out on some patients.

There were four patients, so we split into small groups to fit the lenses on them.

They actually ordered lenses for the patients, so that was nice.

Prey is coming out soon, so we watched all of the Predator movies.

It's only $1 more to buy it.

Present #3.

A jewelry box.

Ogii had already picked this out on Amazon and said she wanted it.

I thought a tackle box would be just as good and a quarter of the price, but she didn't like that idea.

Sun rays through the clouds.

Present #4.

A wooden jigsaw puzzle.

Nice mural of a field.

And one of Bixby Bridge.

Ogii said some animal was jumping around in the kitchen. I didn't know of any animals around here that jump, but sure enough, there was a cricket. I haven't seen those in California much.

This spider was kind of eyeing it, but I think we all knew the cricket was way too big for the spider, so I put the cricket outside.

Predator was great. Predator 2 is kind of dumb but fun. The later Predators was pretty neat, too.

Some parts were quite cinematic.

Present #5.

A necklace of a couple.

Ogii has organized all of her jewelry into her new box.

One of my favorite Married With Children episodes; where they're stuck in traffic on Labor Day.

Present #6.

A yin yang necklace.

A saw my PCP for a general checkup, and he had me to get some blood tests. This little kiosk checks you in; you put your driver's license and insurance card under the scanner and it takes a picture of them. No need for a person at all.

Although the waiting room was a little sparse; they need some plants in here.

Present #7.

Custom luggage covers of my photographs.

Now it's time for Prey, the new Predator movie on Hulu.

Hey, that looks like the exact same shot as in Predators! We really liked this movie; probably the best out of all of them except for the first one.

Helium shortage.

A bunch of quail in the front yard.

A bad accident.

This Prius driver isn't going to race you.