2022 Aug 09 | Watsonville Strawberry Festival, Ogii birthday dinner in Lucia wine cellar

Slippers from her sister.


Present #8.

Jeans with sunflowers on them.

Working on her puzzle.

Some pieces look like sea creatures.

A tiny shell.

Last piece.

Present #9.

Shiny bikini.

Ogii made Mongolian dumplings for breakfast.

These statues are on the road near Moss Landing.

Lots of vendors at the Watsonville Strawberry Festival.

Thankfully lots of bathrooms as well.

They're making a mosaic.

A little example.

There are multiple sections representing people of different ancestries coming to the area.

Some of the mosaics on the parking garage.

I like the hummingbird.

More vendors here.

Live band.

A massive strawberry.


The manhole covers have strawberries, too.


Strawberries drinks.


Lots of food.

The meat smells good.

Long like for the BBQ.

A neat old house.

Growing corn in their front yard.

Two massive palm trees by the sidewalk.

Ogii suggested we eat at the Beach Street Cafe.

Good burgers.

And 80s music.

Some murals.

It's quite long.

Still going.

Present #10.

Sea turtle necklace.

Present #11.

Another sea turtle necklace, this time made of glass instead of metal.

For Ogii's birthday dinner, we went to Lucia in Carmel Valley.

Sitting by the fireplace.

Some live music.

Down into the wine cellar.

For a private dinner of just us two.

With her personalized menu.

Six courses.

Fresh flowers.

Some great bread and butter to start.

We had a wine pairing with each course.




Ogii finishing her wine.

I had forgotten to take a picture of the first few.


We had fun shining the light from the white wine onto this flower.

Then the light from the red wine, too.

Getting darker as we go.




Ogii likes the flowers.

Gotta finish before he comes with the next bottle.

There it is.

We were really in the wine cellar. It was a little cold, but really neat.


Sneeking a peek at the rest of the wine cellar.

I have to drink all of that?

Now getting very sweet.

Our server was great.

She looks happy.

And perhaps a bit tipsy.

A little birthday dessert with a candle.

And a few chocolates to take home.