2022 Sep 01 | Santa Cruz Shakespeare, Paranormal Cirque

Bunnies and birds.

My Jujyfruit has one lime color; they must have mixed the green and yellow.

This snap broke off of my camera backpack. I don't think there's any way to sew it back on as it's too close to the other edge. This backpack fits all of my gear perfectly and it's not available any more, so I'll just keep using it without the strap. The little tripods it holds in place seem very stable even wtihout it.

Ogii re-seasoned the cast iron pan.

She also got me a present.

A very 80s shirt.

Amazon has had Thursday night football for a while now, but I think this might be the first time you could rewind it.

Ogii made a crepe for breakfast. We also had this melting chocolate skull.

With mini marshmallows inside.

Daniel Naroditsky is a chess grandmaster who puts his games on YouTube. He played a series of ten games against the Botez sisters. They had three minutes; he had thirty seconds. He still easily crushed them in the first nine games, since he's rated 3100 and they're rated 2200. Also, they were trying to play together, which actually was more of a hindrance than a benefit because they had so little time to make moves, and it just slowed them down, but they managed to win the final game.

Car show.

Some had beautiful paint jobs.

Live music.

Mini chocolates for Ogii.

Some pretty ones inside.

We went to Santa Cruz Shakespeare. Although if you type in the address, Google Maps goes into the middle of the woods on the wrong side of a road, so it's better to find the symbol on the map and navigate to it.

A picnic area.

Ogii at one of the tables with a beautiful background.


We watched The Formula, which is a modern version of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

It's a very nice venue in the middle of the woods.

The actors.


It's on a main road, so it's easy to see passing by, but there's no parking in front, so you have to go around on a side street and into a back parking lot. There's this neat mural on the alley to the front.

Lots of chocolates.

Many different types of palm trees.

Some live music at the surfing museum.

A little animal sticking his head up out of his hole, looking for some food.

Nice that they're trying to get the surfboard back to the owner.

Sun reflected in the waves.

These guys were thinking about jumping into the waves.

Pretty colors.

Surfing statue.

A seagull watching the surfers.

A few surfers even after sunset.

Some fire spinners.

Stained glass that looks like a boat.

I've wanted one of these Herman Miller Aeron chairs for a few years now because the arms on my computer chair are too high and push my shoulders up, and you can adjust the arm rests, not to mention the back and the seat, on the Aeron chair. It's just insanely expensive; $1300 from the manufacturer.

Even from secondary sellers, it's around $600.

There are usually a few on Craigslist, but they're usually up closer to San Francisco and still $400 to $500. However, I saw this one in Carmel for $325.

They guy still had it, so I went and picked it up.

So far it's been much more comfortable than my other chair. Also cooler as the back is slotted fabric.

I wonder if this is really a single mother with two kids or if it's a big corporation simply saying that.

We went to Paranormal Cirque.

A scary truck outside.

Very foggy inside.

Some creepy people wandering around.

Scary tattoo parlor.

Guy in a frightening mask selling churros.

Light-up masks and funnel cakes.

We had front-row tickets.

The Crow showing people to their seats.

Have to get a picture with him

The ringmaster.

These zombies jumped roped with this guy's intestines.

In between acts two funny ghost hunters came out. The vampire is too short to bite his neck...

... but he has a step ladder.

Sexy women bring out a coffin.

Inside is a rings acrobat.

Game show with an audience member.

Uh oh, his vampire teeth flew out.

Picking them up.

Asking the audience if they really want him to put them back in.

Some guy chopping stuff.

He's a juggler.

Mental patient.

Flies around on a rope.

Maybe a sacrifice?

Who roller skates.


Some of them took pictures with audience members. I love the short vampire.

Wire walkers.

The jump ropers are back for acrobatics.


One of the vampire hosts showing off his butt to the audience members.

She seems to enjoy it.

He got her phone.

Getting some selfies.

And some, uh, other pics.

A lot of the members help with other acts. Many of them pulled out this double ring.

For a guy to run around on.

Dancing to Thriller at the end.

The cast.

It looks scary now.