2008 Aug 31 | Houston etc

One of my favorite things to do at the river is just play with rocks or look for neat ones. You can break some so that it's a puzzle to put them back together or even find ones that you can use to draw on other rocks.

This bumper was just sitting in the middle of the road until this woman threw it off to the side. To whomever's bumper it is: if you were trying to leave the scene of an accident in a hurry before the cops arrived, don't forget your license plate.

Reveille Park has a nice little running path (1/3 mile long) and picnic benches, although when it rains the grassy areas have a lot of standing water.

Sometimes I go there to just sit outside and read, but this time the porta-potty looked kind of funny. I went for a closer look and noticed it was actually on fire. It wasn't a very big fire, though, so I just grabbed a cup out of the Jeep, then kept filling it with water in a low spot on the parking lot and throwing it on the fire until it was out. I wonder how it started.

My new apartment has some type of sticky paint on the kitchen shelves, which pulls off in little pieces and sticks to whatever I set on the shelves.

I bought some new shoes, but the shoelaces were too short. Even worse, they were different lengths, and that drove me absolutely nuts. Why would they even sell shoes with unmatched laces?

Wal-Mart sells tons of plastic containers, but they vary in price, even for the same size. These $1.77 ones work just as well as the ones for over $5.00.

I love these falling sand toys, but once they get bubbles in them, they're done for. The bubbles form a line and stop the sand from falling.

I've had this puzzle for a while and decided to put it together. I bought it at a garage sale, so I was terrified some of the pieces might be missing, but so far they're all there (I don't think the person I bought it from even opened it).

I usually park in the lot right beside the optometry building, but if you get there after about 9am, it's full. The economy lot is just a little farther away, though, and it works just as well.

The projector in our classroom died, so we had to get the tech person, who decided to temporarily switch it with the one in the room next door. Will had the honors of climbing up on a table to take it down.

I'm guessing someone decided they didn't want these sausages and the cashier at the grocery store just set them aside. You can leave a lot of things just sitting there all day, but I don't think this is one of them. Note to self: don't buy these sausages for a few weeks just in case they try to put them back.

It's funny how people form groups without even paying attention to who they are composed of. In lab, our group had all the white people and all the guys, while the other group had all the other races and no men. Well, almost; our group did have two Asian women and one white woman was in the other group, but still, that's not very balanced.

I needed to do a ton of laundry (all of the clothes I had hauled around all summer), so I went to a landromat instead of using up all of the machines at one of the rooms in my apartment complex. I happened to stop at this one, only to find that almost all the machines were out of order, including five of the six dryers along this wall.

I did find enough to wash and dry my clothes, though, and as an added bonus, there was a Tekken 3 machine to pass the time.

"Portrait or Landscape." Um, I don't know of any divider tabs that couldn't be used both ways. That's like having a note saying "You can write on this!" on a ream of paper.

One of the first things to do when moving into a new area: print a map with all of the major roads, banks, grocery stores, and most importantly, thrift stores.

This thrift store actually had a little rest area with videogames and vending machines.

Then again, the place was gigantic, so maybe people actually did need a break in the middle of shopping.

Some rummage sales do this: sell bags of toys. I never liked it because I always wanted one thing out of about five different bags.

Some of us went to Level, a nightclub downtown. It had a fairly neat layout, but the clubbers were almost all Asian, and I'm not a big fan of any venue that does that, even if it's the patrons themselves that are being selective. I like variety, and I prefer being around people that feel the same way; having everyone being the same anything is simply boring.

Around 1am a couple of cops came in and stood in a corner scanning the crowd. One had his billy club out, which got my attention. After all, you don't pull something like that out unless you have at least considered the possibility of using it, and you need to plan some escape routes if they start whaling on people and a riot ensues. Then they went and talked to a bartender for a bit before grabbing a girl and dragging her outside. I'm not sure what it was all about, but it did provide some free entertainment.