2022 Sep 11 | Monterey sea lions, dresses, shoes

Just about ran into this worm hanging from a tree.

He's a long ways down.

One hitched a ride on Ogii's shirt into the house. Better wash all of our clothes just in case there are others.

We were going to play tennis, but some people were already on the court, so we played basketball instead. One of the tennis players was sweeping the court with a broom, which I thought was funny, until I slipped on some leaves and scraped my hands. I guess we should have brought a broom, too.

A bigger scrape on the right hand.

And some road rash on the elbow. Thankfully nothing too bad.

I bought Ogii some new dresses. This one was from Neiman Marcus. There was only one left, and it was the smallest size. I wasn't sure if she would fit, but we could try.

Nope, won't quite zip up.

Another dress from Amazon.

And another from Amazon.

Some colorful heels.

Guess we'll send the Neiman Marcus one back.

We got the last one on the website.

This is a slightly different version on a different website, but they're sold out as well.

I prefer the version with the blue lace-up area.

This online store actually has other sizes available, but it's even more expensive, and Ogii decided she'd be happy with the $20 dresses and didn't need an $800 one.

Fun license plate at the casino.

The Rings of Power are on Amazon. The first two episodes were decent.

Great book.

I like when previous owners have written in the book, too.

Glad to see the pharmacy is closed for Labor Day; they work too long.

Haven't had these chicken / chicken strips / potato wedges in forever. We used to get them a lot when I was a kid.

Some Mongolian stuff Ogii is doing.

Best Buy is almost completely out of printers. Weird.

This perfume container is a shoe.

Hulu increasing the price $2 per month. We watch an episode of Married With Children every night during dinner, so it's still worth it.

There are a ton of sea lions by the wharf in Monterey right now.

More this direction.

Watching the people.


One of my coworkers was there with his wife trying to get a selfie, but they couldn't get the phone far enough away. So I took their picture, and then they took ours.

A bunch more on the north side of the pier.

With a little rainbow.

They climb all over each other, then yell at each other for it.

Out on some rocks.

Down the stairs.

Each gets a stair.


A video of them.

There is a Zoltar machine in a candy store on the wharf.

Making fresh carmel corn.

Store lights above the people's heads.

I bought my Prada dress shoes used on eBay around 10 years ago. They were like $700 shoes and I got them for $40. The front is pretty scuffed up and cracked now.

They were already a bit old when I got them, and since then, I've resoled them and reheeled them, and now those are both getting worn down again.

Ogii bought me some new Prada ones, but they aren't nearly as good of quality any more. They almost seem like plastic rather than leather.

And the bottom is cheap rubber.

So I bought some other new dress shoes, one brown and blue and one black and brown.

The brown and blue one has a lot more padding inside and fits better. I'm not sure if I can wear it with all the outfits I'd wear plain black shoes with, but I almost never wear all black suits, so maybe I can use them most of the time.

Pretty flowers.

Many tiny flowers on each one.

The inside parts haven't opened on these yet.

Ogii had a good serve playing tennis.

Then time to move some plants into bigger pots.