2022 Oct 09 | Elton John concert

Can you twist your thumb around to be aligned with your other fingers? I can; Ogii can't.

Oh, great, am I going to have to take it to the dealer and buy an entire new key?

Nope, just pop it open and replace the battery.

Nielson TV ratings.

Are those real dollar bills inside or fake?

Huh, they actually seem to be real. Although they're still not paying nearly enough for it to be worth our time to complete their survey.

We haven't had Little Caesar's in forever, so I decided to go get some.

It's pretty busy; there's a bit of a line.

You can order it online and have it ready to go in these self-serve lockers. I should have thought of that ahead of time.

While waiting for the pizza, I checked out the local mini mart. A grocery basket is filled with losing lotto tickets.

They are selling Costco milk.

And Costco eggs.

Bought those and some Mexican desserts.

I didn't even think to check if the mini mart was selling Costco milk which had expired nearly a week ago. Not drinking that.

The Mexican desserts were good, though.

Ogii's coworker made a really good ice cream sandwich.

We heard some scratching in this closet, and inside was a little bat.

He got stuck under an extra air filter.

So I put him in a Red Solo cup and took him outside.

These Air Disaster books by Macarthur Job are some of the best books I've ever read. The first two were great, but when I bought them, the third one was really hard to find and very expensive. Now, a few years later, I found it for much cheaper, so I bought it. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as good as the first two. This one has more pilot error accidents, whereas the first ones focused more on engineering problems.

Getting a few teeth fixed. They have a lot of entertainment options, but I'd rather just sit here with my eyes closed than do any of those. In fact, every time I open my eyes, I see a big ol' needle go into my mouth, so better to not open my eyes at all.

Amazon is winning Thursday nights right now: football, then Lord of the Rings.

Ogii cooking her great Mongolian noodles dish.

She made the toilet look like it's smoking.

We watched the Eternals movie, and one scene is set in South Dakota. I doubt it was filmed there, though.

Ogii decided to mix some vodka and Pepsi into the almost-empty McDonald's hot fudge sundae.

We bought Monica a Northern Lights ring; now Ogii and Monica match.

I had a CE meeting on Sunday.

It was pretty-well attended, and the speakers were great.

The new intraocular lenses are getting better and better.

Great lunch.

Ogii went to an oxygen bar.

Amazon sent out a Christmas catalog.

Reminds me of the old JCPenney ones, although those didn't have QR codes.

Nor cut-out masks.

Nor word searched.

Nor stickers. Man, Amazon put all kinds of cool stuff in here.

Ogii cooking chicken.

Deebo Samuel makes some great moves and gets a touchdown.

And Jerry Rice, casually having a drink in the stands, points at him in appreciation.

Cool wrap on this car.

Elton John swung by on his final tour. Gotta get seats to that.

There was a ton of traffic as we got closer to the stadium.

No parking in any of the local subdivisions.

It would have been faster to park farther away and take this train in.

Or maybe we should have taken scooters.

Walkers were passing us.

New York Style? Ooh, maybe that's pizza. I could go for some late night pizza after the show.

What? It's a sausage manufacturer? Hmm, that's of no use.

We're in the blue parking lot. At least we're close.

Is that it?

Nope, another private lot. Although I think the Prius could fit under that chain if I lifted it up.

The sign says, "full," but since we pre-paid, as long as they still let us in, we're OK.

A line of cars inside the parking lot.

We left over an hour early, and due to the insane traffic, we parked only 10 minutes before the concert started. Then we had to walk all of the way to the actual stadium.

Better take a picture of where we parked.

And get a screenshot in Maps. Don't wanna be wandering around all night after the concert.

We're not the only ones who are late; it seems nearly everyone is.

Getting closer.

The 49ers play in the same stadium.

Another statue.

A different angle.

An ad for Zenni glasses on the floor.

And on this wall.

And on this one.

After walking around half of the stadium, we found our section.

Another line to get up the stairs.

Almost there.

The concert behind me.

There's Elton.

I loved when the camera zoomed in on his hands playing the piano.

Going near the edge of the stage to talk with fans.

It was packed.

Some of his band members had been with him a long time, and they still loved to play; they really got into the music.

From a different area.

Us with him in the back.

A few short clips of the concert. It's amazing that at 75, he can still belt out the songs. My favorite part was when he and the band just jammed for a few minutes, and then he slumped over on his piano in exhaustion.

Gotta grab some of the bacon-wrapped street hot dogs on the way back to our car.

We each got one.

Most of the hot dog carts were set up on the other side of the road, closer to the stadium. This couple was only just across the street, but whereas the other carts had lines of people waiting for them, this had nobody. We felt sorry for them, so we bought another hot dog and some drinks from them. But it shows how much location matters, even if only a few feet.

Ogii likes Cold Heart, which has parts of four of his earlier songs.

One of the most disappointing parts of COVID was that Five Guys stopped puttin out their peanuts. Now, nearly three years later, it looks like they're just about ready to bring them back.

It's October; we should watch scary movies. Except Ogii doesn't want to watch anything too scary. The new Hellraiser on Hulu would be like starting off at a 10/10, so we'll instead watch Sleepy Hollow, which isn't really scary at all.

Traveling the US.

For a few days gas prices spiked up crazily high. Now they've come back down to the mid $6 range.

A line of shadow.

Fluffy clouds.