2022 Oct 24 | San Francisco Trolley Dances

Ogii proofreads my newsletters. Apparently this one wasn't very interesting.

It's crazy that one person owns an entire Hawaii island.

Ogii put up some Halloween decorations in the back windows.

And the tree in front.

This is a very weird tasting Coke variety.

Pretty sunset.

Another one.

And another one.

We went to dinner with another optometrist. We had a little wine before at his house.

He also gave us some fruit from his trees.

The first bank I had after college is closing down.

Ogii went to Wells Fargo to get some ones and fives for San Francisco bus passes. The two closest ones were closed, though, and this farther one had a very long line.

We drove to Grizzly Peak Blvd Overlook in Berkeley. There's a bench made out of a huge log there.

When we arrived, nobody else was there, but a few minutes before sunset, more people started showing up.

Almost down.

You get a nice sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge at this time of year.

Ah, free couches out on the street; same old Berkeley.

The house I lived in; the landlord next door still has the same old truck sitting there. The light is on in what was my room, but none of the others. I wonder if everyone else is out partying?

I remember walking to Telegraph Avenue to get some VHS tapes from Rasputin on Friday nights.

They had better deals than Amoeba if I remember correctly.

Unfortunately, there was no parking anywhere nearby; it was completely packed. I wanted some New York style pizza, though, so we drove over to Shattuck Ave. It was also busy, but we found parking a bit north of the main area, and there was Arinell Pizza nearby.

That looks like New York all right.

Big slices.

This employee (maybe owner?) was really nice. A bus driver came in, and he offered him a free drink and chatted for a few minutes.

It's too bad they're about a block too far north. This pizza place is more in the middle of the busy area and it's much more full.

We were still a bit hungry, so we stopped by this little place.

For a hot dog and chips.

I remember shopping here.

If you don't want to pay the $7 toll, it's another hour to drive.

55 miles per hour at 5:55am when it's 55 degrees out.

We wanted to go to Hawk Hill to watch the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge. However, this gate was in the way, so we had to park here and started hiking up the hill.

About a minute later we heard to clanking and a car drove by. We realized someone had just opened the gate, so we walked back down to drive up instead.

Pretty viewpoint.

Uh oh, the handle for my tripod mount broke off.

Gonna buy a new one on Amazon quick before the sun comes up.

Ogii getting a picture of us. There's a sign warning of smash and grab thieves, but we're only 20 feet away from our car and nobody else is around, so we should be safe.


Cool house.

Breakfast at Pat's Cafe.

There are a bunch of 49er fans in the back.

Paintings of the Bay Area on the wall.

Great breakfast.

A trolley decorated for Christmas.

Steep street.

We parked sideways on it.

Gotta help Ogii out.

She was worried the car would tip over, but all of these others ones are fine.

Great view of the city from Ina Coolbrith park.

Hummingbird and Transamerica Pyramid.

Purple flower.


Love the old buildings.

Ogii forgot her purse at the restaurant. Thankfully the employee had held onto it for her.

Transamerica Pyramid and Columbus Tower / Sentinel Building.

This guy is wearing a suit on a motorcycle.

Butterfly mural.

Ogii by another piece of art.

When we were driving, we saw an ad with a bee on it on one of these electronic billboards. Ogii really liked it, but it changed before she could get a picture. But when we were walking, we saw the same electronic billboard with some of the same ads, so we decided to wait and see if the bee picture showed up.

We've already seen this one multiple times and we still haven't seen the bee.

We waited for over ten minutes. Good thing we're not in a hurry.

We were beginning to lose hope, maybe they don't all have the same ads, but it finally came.

What we waited for.

A statue of a woman lying down.

A little park area.

And another.

Cool building.

It really stands out.

What we came to San Francisco for.

The annual Trolley Dances.

A map.


With info on the performers.

And on the Trolley Dances.

This is what Ogii stood in line for 45 minutes in Wells Fargo for: a bunch of ones and fives to buy bus transfers. We didn't know how many we would need, and they're $6 a piece, so we figured we'd get a lot, just in case. Well, that was a waste, because we only needed one each, and we didn't even have to buy it on the bus itself; they were selling them ahead of time.

Bench with a chessboard.

Our guide let us to each area.

Where some dancers would be.

Onto the next one.

And the next.

Neat painted rocks.

Dancing outside.

Drums inside.

A flat car on the side of a parking garage.

Waiting for the bus.

Here it is.

We all made it onto one.

Although it was pretty full, especially when "normal" riders needed to squeeze in.

We went to Chinatown.

Beautiful tile color.

Roses on the sidewalk.

An old apartment building.

Newer ones across the street.

This woman had lived around here for years and told us about the different buildings.

Some Chinese lantern dancers.

Then fans.

Then banners.

A self-driving car.

And another one from a different company.

Even though the even was called Trolley Dances, we took a bus, not a trolley. Although we did see a few drive by.

The woman who was describing buildings said a lot of kids took ballet here.

A contact lens store.

Laundry drying in windows.

Into an alley.

With some nice mosaics.

And into a nearby park.

With the next set of dancers.

They danced on the playground equipment.

All of the kids had to stop playing for a few minutes. But they got a free show.

Another mural in the park.

Bruce Lee mural.

Then into another park where the old Chinese people are playing cards on cardboard box tables.

Across a bridge.

To watch dancers on the bridge. Sometimes a flock of birds would even fly by.

The audience sat on the stairs.

All done.

A video of the dances.

Bridge donors.

And some more.

Peaceful mural.

Coit Tower.

These musicians were in the park as well.

Playing lots of instruments.

More card players.

Large pieces of petrified wood.

Retro sign.

Oldest toy store in San Francisco.

There are many of these public open spaces around.

This forklift barely fit in behind the sliding gate.

This Italian restaurant was closing soon, so Ogii had to cut her shopping short.

It was worth it, though; the food was great.

Gotta make sure Ogii gets plenty of water.

Mural on a hardware store.

SF Living.