2022 Nov 03 | Halloween, Secret Cove in Lake Tahoe, stye

Ogii went bowling with her coworkers.

And her relative sent her a packet of teas.

Uh oh, I got a stye.

I went to CVS to get some antibiotic ointment, and saw they have spray, too. That could be useful for hiking.

Ogii getting some teeth taken out at the dentist.

Ogii made some meatball ghosts and olive spiders.

Carving pumpkins.

Mine is big, Ogii's is small.

Baking pumpkin seeds afterwards.

The stye went a bit farther into my eyelid.

You can see that the entire inside of the lid is a little red when compared to the other eye.

The neighbor's cat lounging on our hammock stand.

Driving up to Lake Tahoe.

The summit has an elevation of 7227.

Stopping at Secret Cove for sunset.

There's a path right.

But a much easier path left.

They combine into the same one, though.

AllTrails says I have to wind back and forth along the trails...

... but there's a trail that basically goes straight down.

Again, supposed to go to the side...

... but can go straight.

And one more time...

... straight down.

Beautiful view.

It's a nude beach.

There were a few small groups, but this guy was the only naked one.

Lots of boulders on the beach.

A few different pathways partway back up.

Although they didn't seem to go all the way into the main trail.

Another warning sign here.

Going a bit farther south, it looks like someone needed an emergency bathroom in between these rocks.

A younger naked couple showed up. They actually hiked down nude.

The few other people kept their clothes on.

I went partially back up along the trail and then a couple feet down this little path to get a better view of the entire cove for sunset.

My location on the map.

A nice sunset with the moon to the south.

Ogii dressed up for Halloween at her work.

Strawberry ghosts.

Lots of food.

The costumes.

Carving pumkins.

The results.


Everyone with the pumkins.

Ogii put out candy for the neighborhood kids.

I stopped at this pizza place for the buffet, but the buffet is still closed.

Maybe kids have birthday parties here, but there's only one driving game, one shooting game, and a few redemption games; not very much.

The next morning there were some deer right by my car.

Neat clouds before sunrise.

The next evening it snowed.

You can't lock the car while it's running with the key fob, but you can lock it with the physical key pulled out of the fob.

Some pretty pictures in the hotel.

A long one of poppies.


It's still snowing some.

A slow drive to work behind a few other cars.

Meanwhile, Ogii has a rainbow and bright skies.

Although in the afternoon, I saw a field of sheep.

The snow around me had melted, but there was still some in the hills.

Eating at Mick's Big Bite Cafe.

Simple inside.

This was their small steak. It was really good.

This pharmacy has a box of Queen Anne cherries, but I can't find them in the store.

That's a goofy hat.

Halloween cereal.

A different KitKat.

I'm not sure if the antibiotic ointment helps with the stye.

But I put it in, just in case. It stung a lot, though.

Less snow this morning, but more ice, which is actually more of a pain because you have to scrape more.

The backup camera is in a good location, under the trunk handle, so it doesn't get covered.

Leave the heater on defrost while I go eat breakfast.

And most of the ice is melted. Much easier than scraping.

This stye ointment says "sterile lubricant eye ointment."

But it's just lubricant, not antibiotic. Which is what it says in smaller letters on the back.

A hot compress. I wonder if they really help that much.

That sign doesn't make sense, but everyone will still understand it.

Pretty sunset.

From Ogii's work.

Ah, this CVS did have the chocolate-covered cherries.

Another nice sunset.

The stye is looking much better now.

Although still a bit redder than the other lid.

I took a different route home, which goes near this mountain.

Lots of trees in the hills.

A big metal cow.

Hauling lots of pools.