2022 Nov 06 | Monterey Symposium

It's a sign that actually says $1.0 billion instead of $999 million.

I need this tomorrow, Friday. It says it will get there by then...

... until I actually add it to my cart; then it says it won't arrive until Saturday.

Monterey Symposium at the Monterey Conference Center.

They had an extra booth in the expo hall, so they let us have it.

All of the vendors.

First, breakfast.

This lens is softer...

... more lubricious...

... has less bacterial adhesion...

... and stays moist longer than the other lenses, at least according to their research. But all that really matters is if it's more comfortable.

Nice sunrise.

A fake owl on top of the building.

A whale sculpture.

The COA had a mini golf course set up in the expo hall.

And, as always, mints in tins.

Some heatable eye masks. I was hoping to snag a free one, but the booth person wouldn't let me have one.

Time for some CE, even though I already have all that I need.

I wonder if he ever sees patients in his clinic with all of the lectures he gives.

A new treatment which is hoping to be FDA approved.

I wonder if it would be good to invest in their stock before it comes out.

Dr. Marrelli, one of my professors from Houston, was here to give multiple lectures on glaucoma.

Our booth, all set up.

Kasey made much nicer looking signs than I did.

Other vendors.

Funky metal frames.

And plastic ones.

Nanodropper, which is a cap you put on eye drop bottles to make smaller drops and extend the life of the bottles.

A heat mask which, instead of putting it in the microwave, has it's own internal heat source.

Candi giving out items at the COA booth.

Modern Optical has cheap frames for Medi-Cal.

Bright sunset.

Ogii got some goodies from her relative.

On the drive to the symposium the next morning, I hit 14 of 14 green lights; I've never done that before.

I finally hit a red one on the last light before the parking garage, but since it allows a left turn on red, it was almost a green.

And then I got Wordle in one.

It's a lucky day.

The garage across the street is $16 per day; this one is $26. Tomorrow I'm going back to that garage.

Trevor giving a breakfast lecture.

Vendors setting up outside near the Monterey wharf.

I think those are solar panels on the Tesla. I wonder how much energy they give.

I wonder how accurate the hand-held full-field ERG is compared to a big one.

I was trying to give away these mugs and yesterday, nobody was taking them. So today, I put some Powerball tickets in them. And that worked; people were grabbing them left and right.

At our booth.

A raffle Kasey gave away.

This guy was next to us. A lot of companies are doing VR headsets, but they sounded like they had a lot of science behind theirs, along with some big-name investors.

Me trying it out.

The COA area was very clean looking.

These heating pads plug into a USB drive.

His daughter drew the hummingbird on the box.

The guy on the right had just been hired and it was his first show, so I helped him set up and take down his booth. All of the vendors around him helped him out during the show, too.

Accordian statue.

The power went out right before this lecture.

It was out across a fairly wide area.

He started doing his lecture off his laptop without projectors, just by talking, although I could still look stuff up online.

Especially helpful to zoom in on the pictures.

The power came back on pretty quickly, though.

Dinner covered Upneeq for ptosis.

A cart.

And some dolphins.

The first day I only had a dress shirt and was quite cold in the conference center. The next two days I wore a sweater, which Ogii picked out to match my dress shirt.

Nobody won the lotto last night, so I decided to buy a few more tickets. The first 7-Eleven I stopped at was still closed, though.

The next one was open, but the clerk said he couldn't sell any tickets until 6am, so I decided to hang out in the car for nine minutes.

How am I supposed to buy a lotto ticket, a pack of Camels, a burrito, and a Barq's if no convenience stores sell Barq's?

The Monterey Symposium expo hall was only on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, B&H was having a conference there, even though we were still having optometry CE upstairs. It was a bit confusing, though, because one of the optometry meetings is called Opto West, and this photography conference was called Optic West.

Lots of talks about whale photography.

Even a talk by Scott Kelby.

Some photographers set up.

Selling books as well.

That's a huge zoom lens to the left.

Back to optometry for breakfast.

Some local docs who prescribe Tepezza for thyroid eye disease.

A few farther north, including some we've had give CE talks.

Optic disc drusen vs papilledema.

He put his pictures online so you could look at them better on your phone.

After the meeting, we went to Rosine's for lunch.

Some drinks.

Some appetizers.

And the main meal. They were all really good.

We were too full for dessert, but they all looked so good, we bought four of them to take home and eat.