2022 Nov 12 | Maui, Hawaii: Paia, Queen Ka'ahumanu mall

Driving back from Hana, and a little shop had this cutout.

A gallery.

Lots of stuff inside.

Neat wave artwork.

A little store next to it had some chocolate snacks.

I don't want vegan coconut ice cream, but I love their sign hung from the tree.

Very pretty.

More chickens.

A guy selling fresh coconuts and banana bread by the side of the road.

I was expecting more traffic, but there was still very little. These four vehicles in a row was the biggest grouping we saw.

Bridge over a waterfall.

Waterfalls right by the side of the road.

Various houses below the highway.

It didn't look like it was going to rain any more, so time to take the top off. Although it was really fast, so even if it started to rain, we could put it back on in like a minute.

Halfway to Hana store.

Another pretty view.

Some people swimming down in the river.

Guys driving back from swimming.

A little cove.

With some surfers.

Smelling the fresh air.

We stopped by the Garden of Eden Arboretum, but it seemed closed.

More people swimming by a waterfall.

Aloha graffiti.

A few cars again.

Want to be careful walking here.

A steep path down.

A little bamboo forest.

Me coming in.

Some weird plants.

Another one.

A little waterfall.

It's a very small stream, but the board is muddy, slippery, and skinny, so still have to be careful.

Through the bamboo.

Ogii in it.

One of my favorite stops on the road to Haha: rainbow eucalyptus trees.

So many colors.

Ogii saw these goats, so we had to stop here, too.

They're all looking at Ogii.

Maybe she has some food she will share.

Another little fruit stand.

Lots of mailboxes here.

Little birds on a fence.

Hookipa Beach has lots of surfers.

A memorial.

From the west side.

A colorful picnic table.

A Zen mission.

Maui Tibetan Buddhist Dharma Center in Paia.

Ogii turning the stupa prayer wheel.

The fourteenth Dalai Lama was here in 2007.


Mama's Fish House is very famous, but booked out for months, so we checked out another fish house in downtown Paia.

Looks nice, but we weren't hungry.

So we just walked the streets, looking at the shops.

Nice artwork.

Funky fish.

This little store had a road to Hana checklist.

And sold all of the items needed.

Nice statue.

Live music and some artists.

Woman with a sphere sculpture.

That's pretty; I wonder how sturdy they are.

Various ads. Mostly for yoga.

This old man in a wheelchair was playing a ukelele and harmonica. Ogii gave him some money.

A fence of surfboards.

Mama's Fish House, which was packed.

Back to Hookipa Beach for sunset.

Rocks out into the ocean.

A mini beach cove.


It's raining in the distance.

Surfers who live in their van.

Queen Ka'ahumanu mall in Kahului.

I didn't know there were any Ben Franklin stores still around.

A Lenscrafters.

A doc I used to subcontract under works there.

They accept lots of insurance plans.

I wonder if they will start doing remote eye exams.

They have the Facebook Ray-Ban stories.

The two women who were working there seemed very nice.

An arcade, although it didn't have any games I liked.

Hot Topic.

A cat cafe.

With lots of sleeping cats inside.

Food court with typical mall restaurants.

Some guys playing Go.

A very small theater with only two movies playing.