2008 Sep 06 | CPR class, deck party, UHCOPMA

A pretty nice laundromat that even has pool tables.

Although some people let their kids climb all over the videogames.

It's such a pain buying printer ink at Wal-Mart. You have to wait for someone to come and unlock the case, then they have to walk you to a register and you have to buy it right then, right there.

I found a gift card on the ground and decided to try it even thought I thought it would be empty. It was, but you always could get lucky.

I was trying to sell this chair on Craigslist. One response was, "i stain behind hobby and am interested in da leather chair." He might be a really nice guy, but on the other hand, I don't really want to get shot over a used office chair.

I have to balance two things with where I place my iPod in the Jeep: getting a good signal to the radio and keeping the iPod from sliding onto the floor. I've tried pretty much every surface and crevice I could find, and this spot seems to best balance sound quality with not flying onto the floor.

I bought some light bulbs, but I noticed all the boxes in this section labeled "100" were actually 75 watt, whereas all the others were labeled correctly, and some 100s and 75s in a different section were correct as well. Weird.

This is the first time in the past, oh, 10 years that I've bought Starburst that didn't have an equal number of each type.

Amy was visiting Dallas and Houston with her mother, and when she was here, we went to the Armadillo Palace for a Shiner.

There are at least two other Jeeps that park in the lot near where I park, so I'm hoping one glorious day we can get all three together.

And done. Actually, I was looking for that piece at least 10 times throughout the course of putting the puzzle together. It seemed like it should be really obvious (blue and white stripes), but I wasn't paying enough attention to the picture on the box, because it didn't have any white stripes at all, just some really light blue ones that looked like the lines in waves.

I bought this iPod alarm clock as a refurbished product, and while it generally works fine, every once in a while it goes completely nuts and I have to reset it. You can save a lot of money on used electronics, but an alarm clock is something you want to be 100% reliable.

If the mergers and mergees both kept a little more than one car length's space between them, everybody could merge like a zipper without slowing down. Instead, everybody tailgates, making both lanes have to completely stop.

Friday afternoon some of us went to a CPR class that Carol found. Dr. Leal was a really fun teacher and good at getting people involved. I think Heidi is a little short to be trying the Heimlich maneuver on Darrin, though.

That evening there was also a deck party at UHCO. The beginning of the year is a great time for free food, especially because lots of organizations have information meetings with pizza during lunch.

Saturday morning UHCOPMA brought in Kevin Roe from Ciba to discuss practice profitability, patient loyalty, and ethics. One neat thing about it was that we used little remotes during the ethics discussion to vote on questions like, "How ethical is X? Very, Fairly, Somewhat, Not Much, Not At All."

Is that the actual name of the street? No, it can't be. Let me check with Google Maps. It is! The street is actually named Walmart / Home Depot.

If I got a speeding ticket between this sign and the next one, I wonder if I could claim the posted limit was actually unlimited.

I bought a "flavor injector" to put juices and things in food, but I have absolutely no idea how the tip is supposed to stay attached to the syringe. It doesn't just snap in, and while there are threads, it doesn't screw in, either, even with a little encouragement from a pair of pliers. I hope it's just poorly made, because otherwise I'm being outwitted by a $4 inanimate object.