2022 Nov 13 | Maui, Hawaii: northwest beaches

Very warm, but it feels cooler than Oahu. Ogii thinks it's because it's windier here.

The hostel has a BBQ in the evenings.

They also go out snorkeling. Lots of activities.

They have air conditioners, although we never had to use ours.

A cop pulled someone over early in the morning.

It's raining a bit.

Beach parking only.

Written on the parking slots, too.

Ogii on Kaanapali Beach.

Cool chairs.

Breakfast sounds good, but it's 6:20 and they don't open until 7:00.

A Christmas tree.

Both of us.

Ah, there's a mall here.

Central area.

From the other side.

Sculpture of whale and her baby.

They have movie nights.

A giant wreath out front.

And a whale skeleton above.

Shaka sculpture.

Pretty mural.

A wildlife discovery center.

Nice plants.

The sun is starting to come up.

It's raining over there.

Clouds above Lanai.

Palm trees.

A golf course.

Some more rain.

I had to parallel park to the left. I was worried, but it was easy.

Breakfast by the beach.

A couple of birds flew in.

A few snorkelers at Napili Bay.

The infamous weather stone in coconut format.


Pink flowers.


A big one.

Beach windshield sun shade.

Down some stairs...

... and we're at Kapalua Bay.

We heard Honolua Bay has the best snorkeling, though, so we went there.

Unfortunately, the turtle report says the weather isn't very good here.

Some rain clouds coming in, too.

Honolua Bay from above.

There are only a few parking spots near the trail.

Some of it is private land as well.

Down this path.

Through all of these trees.

Ogii under a really big one.

Me by one.

The trees are beautiful.

Especially with the light shining down through them.

Some chickens.

A big tree.

With a sign that says to beware of falling coconuts.

So gotta protect your head while you walk.

At the beach. Although it's very rocky; no sand at all.

There are surfers farther out along the northern edge. Snorkelers stay closer to the beach.

And some baby chickens running around us.

A video of them.

It started to rain. The tree blocked most of it, but we used a towel to cover us from the rest.

This guy was already in the water, though, so no reason to come out.

Some other snorkelers were finishing their swim.

A beautiful rainbow after the rain.

Walking back under the coconut tree.

This tree had a big vine people were swinging on.

Ogii couldn't pull herself up.

But she made herself a seat with the towel and sat on that.

A Slingshot.

Fog in the mountains.

This car was stuck in the sand, so they were trying to get some traction under the tires.

Abandoned cars.

There seem to be a lot of people who live out of their cars on the western shores.


And more.

And another one.

A cove with beautiful water.

Lots of signs.

A woman using an inflatable as a sail.

A cruise ship.


Back to the airport.

Lots of Amazon deliveries.

You can walk or take the tram from the rental car agencies.

We took the tram this time.

Not too busy inside.

Lunch at the airport.

Most airports have chargers in all of the seats; not here.

Just a few outlets in the wall over here.

Some birds flew in.

A picture of a pheasant.

Leaving Maui.

Sun on the clouds.