2022 Nov 27 | Thanksgiving in South Dakota

We drove to San Jose to spend the night as our flight leaves early in the morning. Ogii found this BBQ place.

Cooking in the back.

The front door window is broken.

And there is nobody hanging around inside to eat; every grabs their food and gets out of there. Not a great neighborhood.

But the food was delicious.

Waiting for the bus the next morning at the economy parking lot. Stand in the middle of the road so the bus sees us. It's cold out, so we don't want him to leave us.

We're the only ones on the bus.

The bus driver took a bit of time to chat with another bus driver.

No rush; nothing is even open yet.

Including security.

Nobody at our gate yet, either.

We're in winter gear, but it's warm in here.

Hmm, go to freezing cold Denver or beautiful Hawaii.

We brought only backpacks so we can fit them in the smaller spaces on the smaller planes. If you bring roller bags, you have to gate check them.

We can even fit all of the under the seat.

Not much room up there.

So use your own phone to watch stuff.

Cities are so pretty at night from above.


The rising sun just hitting a chain.

Mountain tops.

Most people do not look good sleeping on an airplane.

Another plane.

Mountains peeking through the clouds.

Nice picture of monarch butterflies in the plane magazine.

I wonder if it would be worth getting these cards just for the initial bonuses.

These people are all waiting for their plane-checked bags. Glad we brought the backpacks.

The Dallas airport is very modern.

With a variety of seats.

And self-checkout food.


Although expensive.

Monica got upgraded to first class but let Ogii sit there instead.

Monica taking pictures.


Driving to Selby from Bismarck, we saw lots of pheasants. These were sitting on top of bales.

And some deer.

Testing out the rifle.

Dad spent a lot of time sighting it in.

So it's very accurate now.

Lots of winter gear.

More here.

More here.

Gifts for Mom.

Lots of books.

Lots of snacks.



My old hunting vest I made in high school.

A deer to the bottom-right, too far away, though.

Walking to the blind.

At the blind.

Ogii and Monica.


Time for dinner.

Everyone pitches in.

Helping Dad stabalize the turkey.


All of the food.

Ogii loaded up on desserts.

We bought Dad and Mom these little lights.

With scenic cutouts.

Three versions of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Everybody watching.

Me with a "hell of a nice watch" with Mick as the hotel employee.

Me with a Casio.

Both of them were gifts from Ogii.

I stayed up late, until 11pm, because I really wanted one of the 150 Denny's shirts that gets you free breakfast for a year.

Still not available?

Aw, I missed them.

Anywhere Ogii would want to go for Black Friday? Hmm, No Sacks Off 5th around.

And no Macy's.

But there's always online. I like these stools with the ring to raise or lower the seat that goes all of the way around rather than a single handle which I have to search for. I don't need one now, but good to keep in mind.

A cool keyboard, although I don't really need a cool one.

I would like a new laptop to run Photoshop and Lightroom better so I can edit pictures faster. Looking up what's important for that. Number of cores and SSD is important for both, graphics card for Photoshop, but RAM isn't particularly useful.

This guy pretty much agrees.

This gaming laptop is on sale for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

The specs seem to match what I'm looking for.

It also has faster USB ports than my current laptop.

Feeding the cats the next morning.

Mom cooking breakfast.

A cat crawling on Monica during her morning exercises.

And clawing my leg.

Ready for hunting.

Four of us.


Bits of grass poking up through the snow.

The gals riding in the back.

Ogii saw this spider. I'm amazed he can survive out in this weather.

By the truck.

Preparing lunch.

Ogii loves summer sausage.

And chili.

The desserts didn't quite set, but they taste the same through straws.

Mom serving.

Everyone ready to eat.

USA vs England in the World Cup.

New heated gloves that heat individual fingers. The old ones only heated up the back of your hand. A welcome improvement.

Waving to the train as it goes by.

Walking for pheasants.

Uh oh, someone got stuck going up the big hill at Hiddenwood.

Pushing didn't help.

Although going down a bit to get into the grass for more traction did. Monica is supervising.

Dad watching for deer.

There's one, but it ran away.

Getting sunset pictures over the lake.

And through some plants.

A lot of deer here, but they're mule deer.

Pretty sunset.

Abandoned house.

Nice colors.

A couple of deer, too far away.

Now the sunset really lit up.

Ogii and Monica.

Ogii and me.

Swirling clouds.

Dinnertime again.

Everyone cooking.

There are multiple varities of chocolate covered cherries now.

Up early the next morning for deer hunting. These heat-a-seats are great. The ground might not seem too cold until you sit on it for 30 minutes before sunrise.

Bundled up by the bales.

A couple of deer far away.


The over to Mobridge for some shopping. Who needs Macy's when you have a thrift store?

Ogii didn't really want to put all ten of these puzzles together, but it's the thought that counts.

Nice coat, but again, we don't need it.

No shopping in this area, but what if I really want that stuffed white tiger?

I used to love buying ties at thrift stores; now I haven't needed new ones for years.

More downstairs. Those look like brand-new mattresses.

Tons of unopened stuff in here.

Gotta look through everything, just in case.

The cats all waiting by the door.

Walking for pheasants.

In the fields.

Me by a tree.

Monica and me.

Three of us.

The cats are still there.

Some pheasants.

Helping dad lift the deer in the shed.

Ogii with a bit of whipped cream on her pie.

Up early one last morning for deer, although we didn't see any this time.

They're obviously around, though.

The big herd of mule deer again.

A couple farther out.

Breakfast of champions: gotta clean up all of the desserts.

Petting the cat one last time.

Snowy trees.

Mom packed us lunches.

Saying goodbye to Monica.

The sun lit up the lake.

Dinner at the airport.

This mother was great; she got kids of three different people to run around at the gate so they'd be more tired out on the plane.

The American plane tails are neat.

Is this how you're supposed to use this fold-out on the back of the chair?

Or maybe like this?

Ah, it's for an iPad, not a phone.

Long street below.