2022 Dec 04 | SteakCraft

Two neighbor cats.

Shiny little bugs.

Hawaii snacks: banana bread and coconut treats.

Pretty sunrise.

Although a bit farther this way, and it's all fog.

Sun on the left, fog on the right.

Another colorful sunrise.

The clouds are all lined up.

Now that McDonald's is back to indoor dining and there are fewer workers around in general, the wait times for the drive through have gotten pretty bad.

I actually waited 45 minutes this time because they had lost my order. They gave us a free apple pie as compensation.

I love the Fruit Loops with Marshmallows, but they don't have it at the grocery stores we normally go to. So if I'm somewhere else and see it, I'll grab a few boxes.

Hummingbird all puffed up in the cold.

Ogii wrapping Christmas presents.

Some of the California races are really close.


Three eating at one feeder. Why can't they all just get along like this?

Face for breakfast.

Sunrise over a dirt road.

Ogii takes the pretzels on flights but doesn't eat them.

UPS left my package at this pharmacy.

Lots of Mexican candy.

Very cheap Advent calendar.

Swedish Fish and friends.

I like their name.

Optometry office that has closed.

Lots of deer sausage and jerky.

The Advent calendar Ogii bought.

First one.

Monica got us hooked on Ted Lasso over Thanksgiving. We thought maybe we'd try to get through all of the episodes on the 7-day free trial, but that would have taken too much time, and it's only like $6 a month for Apple TV anyway.

My car hit 88888.

Sunrise with wind turbines.

Ogii is excited to put up Christmas decorations.

Lots of lights.

Me putting them in the tree with Ogii's hook on a stick invention.

Sweeping up the leaves. It's too much work to go and get a dust pan; my hands work fine.

Colorful sunset.

Might as well see what else is on Apple TV. Not too much that we want to see, although this new Christmas movie was fun.

Ogii got videos of hummingbirds in normal, slow, and super slow speed.

There's not even any sugar water here but this guy is still guarding it.

SteakCraft is a new restaurant in Carmel Crossroads. Well, it's actually been open during the day for sandwiches, but the evening steakhouse is new.

I love the ceiling.

A cocktail with Dr. Hicks.

Fresh sourdough bread.

Wagyu ribeye to share, duck fat french fries, and mushroom.

Japanese A5 wagyu on a salt block.

Wine with dinner.

Just the two of us.

The steak was really good.


After that we went to the Carry the Light concert by Monterey Peninsula Voices at the First United Methodist Church in Pacific Grove.

The program.

Juliette Le, an optometrist, sings with them.

The choir.

The church has a container for items for farm laborers; that's nice.

Ogii showing Mom, Dad, and Monica the hot chocolate bomb.

It looks like a snowman.

Here come the mini marshmallows.

My new shoes. They're really cool looking, everyone comments on them, but they're already starting to get a bit torn in the toes. We'll see if the build quality holds up over time.

We bought a Christmas tree at a local nursery. He chainsawed the bottom branches off so it would fit in the stand.

Cool rock arch.

And a beautiful palm tree.

Setting up the tree.

Some paragliders in Seaside.

The Porshe dealership has a new Corvette.

Cool bus.

Taking trees?

Love the huge curved windows on the house on top of the hill.

That is a very lifted pickup.

Classic car.

Fun license plate.

I like how you can include all three Bay Area airports in one search.

The United flight is a bit expensive; the Linear Air Taxi is really expensive. United it is.

I buy new new external hard drives to back up all of my files every few years. Time to get some more since they're on sale. Each time, they have more storage, are faster, and are physically smaller, but this is first time they're SSD instead of HDD, which means they're not just a bit faster, but ten times faster.

Gotta get different colors so I can easily tell what's on them and also different brands in case one is not made well.

My new laptop is also fairly faster than my old one.

Hopefully all of the programs will be faster.

Someone designed what they called a rainbow chart for Bitcoin. It steadily rose, and When it got into the blue, that was the best time to buy.

Of course, the problem is that they could easily fit the data as they created the chart retroactively. The price actually fell below what their model predicted recently, so they designed a new chart. Although again, since they're simply fitting past data, it's no indication of what the future holds. It might stay within those borders or it might not; there's no good theory behind their chart.