2022 Dec 18 | Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, and Solvang with Turuu and Enkhee

Breakfast room in the hotel.

These couches each have a TV. Everyone is watching the World Cup.

Argentina is up 2-0.

The fans are happy.

Overnight valet parking is $52. I think they somply park it at the LA Live garage, though, which is just across the street and is $30.

Checking out the skyscrapers in DTLA.

Onto Hollywood. The crazy outfits and costumes stores aren't open yet.

Cabo Cantina is, though, and it's showing the World Cup.

France caught up.

Some yellow liquid.

Is it tea or pee? Or maybe coffee.

Checking out the Wax Museum.

At the Chinese Theater.

With Bruce Lee's star.

Some vendors setting up.

El Capitan theater.

Hollywood Highland Complex.

You can see the Hollywood sign from here.

Colorful cars all in a row.

Colorful Ferraris all in a row.

Cool mural.

Griffith Observatory and DTLA.

They Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory.

Looking at the sign.

Angel wings.


The orbits of the planets are carved into the ground.


Some very straight streets to the south.

A bunch of people with dogs.

Ogii spotted this coyote in Griffith Park while we were driving by.

Some big mansions decorated for the holidays.

A heart out of flowers along the highway. Someone wrote "I" on the left and "LA" on the right.

The parking attendant at Universal Studios kept trying to get us to buy the upgraded parking, talking about how much farther the walk was (although it was only like maybe five more minutes). I wonder if he gets a bonus if he gets enough upgrades?

Enkhee with wings.


This used to be Hard Rock Cafe. I guess it didn't do well enough?

With King Kong. They added a Christmas hat and mistletoe to him.

The Universal Studios globe.

Voodoo Donuts.

We each got one.

First world problems.

A neat tree in Beverly Hills.

With the sign there.

A statue.

Checking out the expensive stores.

You can buy paintings here.

Under a big wreath.

Between nutcrackers.

Futuristic headgear, classical body sculpture.

Present frame.

Us kissing.

Us standing.

Huge hotel.

The Beverly Wilshire; only around $1,000 per night.

Lamborghini parked in front.

Rolls Royce in back.

Christmas decorations inside.

Even Ferraris have to stop for pedestrians.

Life is Beautiful.


Expensive luggage.

Lots of smaller offices in there.

Mostly plastic surgeons.

House of Bijan.

They have their own sidewalk stamp. Normally there's a yellow Bugatti parked out front, but not today.

Lots of shiny stuff in this store.

Ogii checking to see if Piaget had a strap for my watch.

A house with a tree molded into the middle.

The witch's house.

Gotta let Santa merge on the 405.

Huge house up on the hill in Malibu.

Kids sliding down this sand hill.

Pretty ocean drive on Highway 1.

Hills in San Luis Obispo.


Hans Christian Anderson statue.

Little court.

Birkholm's Bakery.

Long line of rulers.

Some bread.

And some snacks.

Telephone booth.


Lots of bakeries.

Statues of the city founders with Santa hats.

Another windmill.

I like the little fairy houses.

Horse-drawn trolley.