2022 Dec 23 | Cambria Christmas Market, Santa Cruz, Salinas with Turuu and Enkhee

After Solvang, we continued north to Cambria, which had a Christmas Market.

Lots of ornaments.

The dinosaur sculptures have Santa hats.

Gingerbread men.

They put lots of lights all over the nursery.

Japanese tea house with green and blue rope lights in the water.

Big deer.


I've always liked the trees all wrapped in lights.

A ton here.

Elephants with gifts.

Giant ornaments.

They had scenes of various winter characters.

From different cultures.

Lots of blue and purple.

A tunnel of lights.

Giant advent calendar.

Candy canes.

Surfing Santa.

Golden Gate Bridge.


There were vendors here.

It's hard to see her, but Ogii is in the middle of peace.

Chesire Cat.


Giant snowman.

A map, although it was pretty much a giant circle.

Another light tunnel.


Food huts.

With drinks and meals.

We got a variety.

And shared it.

More vendors.

Beer garden.

Some guy at the beginning said there was pizza. I didn't see it at the food vendors, so I thought he was lying, but it's in here.

Alcoholic drinks.

Back through the light tunnel.

Santa Lucia, from The Ref.

So much color.

Ogii isn't impressed with the price of gas here.

Especially because they only have 91.

Turuu's Taekwondo medals.

We left some Christmas gifts for the garbage and recycling men.

They went to Santa Cruz and saw some sea lions.

Some surfers.

By the beach.

At Natural Bridges.

And redwoods.


Deer sausage for dinner.

A pretty sunrise.

And sunset.

Downtown Salinas.

We had dinner at Patria.

Making sure all the cuckoo clocks are wound.

Some wine.


The main course.

I had chicken.

Ogii had the pork chop.

Enkhee had goulash.

Turuu had lamb shank.

Ogii enjoying her wine.

The power on the block went out, but we had cell phones and they had candles.

Neat shadow.


Lots of last-minute shipping.

Playing basketball.

Ogii made a great shot.

As did Enkhee.

We played some two on two and then Horse.

Mexican for dinner.

Then birthday cake for Enkhee.

With wine.

A game of chess.

Think and drink.

Time for the women's game.

Then we used both boards to play bughouse.

Making dumplings as a family.

I helped roll them.

Perfect ending: just enough meat to go into the remaining dough.

We made a lot.