2022 Dec 24 | San Francisco with Turuu and Enkhee

December 24 is a very big chocolate in the Advent calendar.

Breakfast of dumplings.

I see the Golden Gate Bridge ahead.

A very old car.

Crossing the bridge.

The traffic was quite heavy to get a good view of the bridge, but there were a few open parking spots.

With the city in the background.

Lots of people on the cable car are wearing Santa hats.

Driving down Lombard Street.

A juice vendor at the corner. That's a good location; there are a ton of tourists here.

Giant sea lion sculpture at the pier.


By the aquarium.

Steep streets.

Nice view from a little park.

This guy turned the wrong way down a one-way street and made it half a block.

Before turning around and driving back the other way. That's why I always look both ways when crossing streets, even one-way ones.

A guy giving some buskers some money.

Lots of roses.

A cable car coming up the hill.


I bet parking here is expensive.

My phone wanted better coordinates.

So it told me to point my camera around.

I guess it's looking for recognizable buildings?

That's actually kind of scary.

At the Fairmont Hotel.

They have some Christmas decorations out front.

And a giant gingerbread house inside.

A big tree.

One made from champagne.

And another one.

The lobby is quite upscale.

A little rooftop garden.

With a nice view.

Ogii grabbing the Transamerica Pyramid.

Nice hallway.

Across the street is the Top of the Mark, a lounge at the top of the InterContinental Mark Hopkins.

Steep streets.

We went to Japantown for them to meet some of their friends for dinner.

A Benihana.

A conveyor belt of meals.


Lots of dolls and things.

Eating beneath a train banner.

I want the bullet train for kids.

Japanese donuts.

A shop where you can decorate your phone case.

SFO lit up for the holidays.

With the Golden Gate Bridge made out of lights in front.

Driving across the bridge.

Some pretty stained glass windows.

We had planned on flying up to Washington to visit Greg, Dagii, and Sarnai for Christmas, but there was a ton of freezing rain in Seattle, and coupled with the snow storms across the country messing up other air travel, the Seattle airport was crazy, too.

Even if we got there, we would have to drive on ice. I don't mind driving in rain or snow, but I don't like ice, so we canceled our flights a few days in advance.

It's a good thing we canceled ahead of time, because they canceled our flight, so we wouldn't have even got there.

Especially because we were flying Alaska.

And they ended up canceling all flights, so good luck getting another flight any time soon.