2008 Sep 15 | Hurricane Ike

There are two grocery stores near me. Fiesta, the Hispanic person one, where they pretty much only speak Spanish, and Kroger, the black person one, where they are always out of grocery carts and you have to chase people down in the parking lot when they're done loading their grocieries into their cars to grab a cart. Randall's is a white person grocery store, where they speak English and have plenty of carts, but that's farther away.

Dust on the can? Apparently Mexicans don't eat a lot of sauerkraut, although I'm with them on that.

I'm using my laptop instead of my desktop since it saves space. I wanted to use my desktop keyboard for my laptop, though, and since the keyboard is a PS/2 connection and the laptop only has USB ports, I needed an adapter. There are lots of little adapters you can get for $5, but none of the stores around here sell them. Instead, they have these big adapters for $30+, and for that price, I could just buy a USB keyboard and skip the adapter altogether.

This is the nearest post office, but it's closed on Saturdays. What a pain.

I'm all for equal rights, but with them come equal responsibility. I haven't heard many women clamoring they should have to register for the draft, too.

My laptop seems to have more than the average number of problems when I install new programs or updates. It freezes at startup and then I have to reset it to an earlier system save point. I don't know if it's Windows Vista or Dell, so maybe I'll put Windows XP on it and see if it goes away.

I bought a mini muffin tin, and it had these stuck into some of the depressions. The sticky stuff was horrible and super-sticky, though; I had to wash my hands like four times to get it all off. Why not just use the normal sticky/stretchy stuff that everyone else uses rather than this weird version?

NOSA sponsored a food festival on Tuesday, so people made dishes from different countries. I made deer sausage and poppy seed bread. All of the food was really tasty, although I think I liked the rice from India the best.

Thursday morning they told us classes were cancelled for Friday due to Hurricane Ike. We were still supposed to have class in the afternoon, but one of our professors left early because he was in a mandatory evacuation zone, which left only one class. These were all of the people who showed up, so the professor just cancelled class. Some people didn't have labs that morning so they drove all the way to school to not go to class, though.

Traffic headed north on I-45 is starting to get heavy as people evacuate. I was in a zone far north of the ones that were evacuating due to the storm surge, though. In fact, people to the north were asked to not evacuate so they didn't clog up the roads, which seemed to work pretty well.

I went to the store to see how things were going, even though I had bought tons of water and non-perishable food earlier in the week. They were restocking bottled water constantly.

The lines weren't too horribly long yet, although it was busier than usual. People were buying plenty of beer, too.

Water, juice, Gatorade, Coke. Gotta have a variety.

I took the Jeep to Hobby airport for the weekend. I did it in case of flooding, which never happened at my apartment, but lots of trees were torn down, so it's good the Jeep was here and not under a tree.

My neighbors had a table and chairs out on their porch. Thankfully they took them in before the hurricane came. Otherwise, I was going to ask them to do so; I didn't want these ending up in my living room via a window.

Lots of people taped up their windows, but every single hurricane info resource says it's a waste of time. The winds themselves won't break glass, and if a tree is coming through your window, a little tape isn't stopping it. Plus, it's a pain to take off.

Most stores were boarded shut in preparation for the storm. Or, in the case of this Dairy Queen, metal-plated shut.

This Wendy's was still open, but drive-through only, and it had a nice long line of cars waiting to grab their last fast-food meal.

I also stored up bath water, but that proved unnecessary. The water strength was good the entire time, although showers were a little cool.

The morning after the storm, which I just slept through. It really wasn't much worse than a bad blizzard or thunderstorm (fallen trees taking out cars, houses, and power) in South Dakota except there's more people.

I just sat around and studied all weekend.

And my neighbors just hung out on the porch.

A little water near one intersection, but otherwise not too bad.

Some hanging lights you had to dodge around.

Getting the Jeep out of Hobby was pretty easy; they had one lane open and not many cars. It said cash only, and I think there were some people who didn't have enough cash on them to pay, so I'm not sure what they did.

The only damage to my apartment is the kitchen ceiling sunk in about an inch and then cracked along the edge.

Long, long lines to the few gas stations that are open.

And when a grocery store opened up, the people looked like ants walking to and from it. Did these people not prepare at all? Or maybe they're just sick of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Some people had grills going, which lets you cook vegetables and things, but any meat would be bad by now.

The ramp from I-45 to UH is completely flooded.