2023 Feb 05 | Nepenthe, McWay Falls

I got this lab bill because they didn't bill my insurance correctly. Ogii had to call them twice to fix it. Then it went from a $700 balance to a $15 one. They didn't call me and tell me it didn't get billed correctly; they just sent me a bill for the total amount.

MacuHealth is sponsoring our January CE meeting.

On corneal ulcers.

I like the map of where she has lived.

Nice prime rib.

Colorful sunset.

Me using my new headphones.

My opponent shoved on a rather scary flop, all diamonds, but I had aces with the ace of diamonds, so I called and won. Nice pot.

Ogii shopped so much for her family...

... that the next day, her arm was tired from carrying all of the bags; she could barely lift the milk.

Putting away all of the Christmas lights.

Great chicken she cooked.

These pre-marinated tri-tips from the store are great.

As is the chips and salsa from the Mexican place nearby, although look how much grease is seeping through the bag.

This cheese is also really good.

The same dress bought from the same company only a few months apart, but the earlier dress on the left is made better. The shoulder straps are double wide, for example.

We watched Jexi, a show about a guy who gets a new phone which insults him, and it was hilarious, at least at beginning; later on it turned into your standard rom-com.

Ogii's family making dumplings.

Pfeiffer Beach is closed due to flooding.

We stopped at Nepenthe.

Little fireplace.

Great view.

For having dinner or drinks.

A little cafe.

Statue with moon.

And a store.

Ogii checking out the clothes.

I like that they put pictures of the artists in with their products.

Some of them are very neat.

These are cute.

There's a phone booth.

And it actually gets a dial tone.

We followed the instructions, and also tried putting the coins in first.

But we couldn't get it to work.

The road is closed.

No way around; you simply have to come back.

Ten miles ahead; good thing we're only going eight.

According to the mail boxes to our right outside of the picture, a lot of people live up this little road. What if your neighbor is coming down when you're going up?

Nice cove.

With a little beach, although I don't think you can get down to it.

A fair number of people at McWay Falls.

These people brought their dinner.

The falls.

Us with them.

This guy had an old camera.

It uses film.

A big tree had fallen over.

A whale and her baby in the stone.

We ate at Allegro Pizzeria at Carmel Crossroads.

I'm not sure I'd put on the menu that I only pay my employees minimum wage.

Make your own pizza; that's fun.

We thought we would have leftovers, but we ate it all.

Lots of other stores in this area.

Including a sculptor.

Ogii staying warm while organizing gifts.

Instructions from her father for Mongolian New Year.

Watching Married with Children, and Al pulls the grey poupon prank.

There's a poster for Groundhog Day in the background. Which is crazy, because that's tomorrow.

Nice sunrise.

A little frog at our front door.

I was cleaning out the office and found these probes that expired ten years ago. Plus, I don't think we ever even had the device the probes go in.

I tried picking up this piece of lint, but it weirdly slipped out of my fingers. I tried again, and the same thing happened. Then I notice it had legs. I wonder what the spider is doing with that stuff?

Fedor Emelianenko came back and fought one last time before retiring. He didn't last very long in the fight at all, but all of these other great fighters from long ago came and celebrated with him, even Royce Gracie from UFC 1.

Still making lots of dumplings in Mongolia.

Most of the drive down Highway 1 around Big Sur has not phone / internet connection, but this little area does, so people will pull over here when they see they get a signal.

I stopped there to talk with the family. We were discussing Frontier's $399 unlimited summer pass, and I wondered if they flew to Hawaii. Monica said the pass doesn't work for international flights. And then we all had a good laugh.

Ogii bought me this little massager for my car seat. I thought it was dumb, but it actually works really well. It helps with the shoulder muscles I use a lot during work.

Ogii organizing even more gifts for Mongolia.