2023 Feb 20 | Superbowl, AsiaSF, Chemka around San Francisco

Have to get re-certified in CPR / basic life support every few years, although they didn't change anything from last time.

We switched to Hulu with ads to get the Disney bundle, but the ads are kind of annoying and Disney said the shows we wanted to watch weren't available. Interesting that you can send the ad info to your email.

I don't think we've had a World yet where we had all the letters but not in the correct position. Ogii thought it was "Debooge."

Well, she had all of the letters in the correct order, but that's not how to say that word.

This printer is infurating. It wants us to install new firmware, but I can't find how to get to Device Settings.

This mall is mostly empty.

Although it's interesting they have the DMV there. I guess that's a good spot; people will go there for other things, too.

Some songs before the National Anthem for the Super Bowl.

The Puppy Bowl is cute.

Nice to see some emotion.

I liked this ad about Jesus.

This makes no sense. It's for a electric Jeep, but there is no way there is a charger out in the middle of nowhere like that.

Uh oh, Mahomes is hurt.

This guy has very shiny shoes.

Rihanna halftime.

Another fun commercial for women's flag football.

The live commercial was an interesting idea but it felt messy.

I'm glad it's such a close game.

Another Jesus ad.

Nice message.

And it's over. Great game, great commercials. I loved that the Eagles go for it on fourth down so much; it Reminds me of NFL Blitz, where you never, ever punt.

I like this car sticker.

The new Samsung Galaxy S23s are out, so we switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and got them. Partially because T-Mobile is supposed to have better coverage than Verizon around here, and partically because it should be cheaper. We thought about getting the S23 Ultras, but they were simply much to big, so we got the regular S23s instead.

Unfortunately, when we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings nearby, our new phones had bad connections. Although Verizon didn't work well here either, I think. We'll have to test them out and see how they are for a week.

Selling tomales out of the back of their truck.

Driving to San Francisco. Some houses up on stilts on a hill.

Pretty mural.

From Twin Peaks.

To the north is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sutro Tower.

Castro district.

Cool old buildings.

This guy had a big log strapped to the top of his car. I wonder what he's going to do with that?

Waiting in line at AsiaSF.

We had Sangria.

Almost gone.

There's a line of seats at the bar and then tables behind that. We got sat at the bar, which is the best view.

Good appetizers.

Colorful drinks of the people sitting next to us.

This dancer had a very futuristic outfit.

It even lit up.

Shiny dress.

All black.

They were in awfully high hells; don't want them to fall.

Main meal.


Another dancer.


More high heels.

Video of some of the dancers.

On Sunday, Chemka and Ogii toured around San Francisco.

First they checked out the embarcadero.

The two of them.

By the aquarium.

By the pier.

Lots of stores and restaurants.

The Merry-Go-Round.

The sea lions.


Heart sculpture.

With the Golden Gate Bridge.


Lots of bread.

Fun bus.

Closer to the bridge.

Tibetan Buddhist temple in Richmond.


Prayer wheels.

Main Buddha shrine.


Peace Garden.


Hummingbirds like these flowers.

Miniature palace.

Buddha statue.

A shrine.

A mirror so it looks like you're in the palace.

Looks like the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mongolian restaurant.

Waiting for the food.

Lots of good things to eat.

Pretty sunrise.

Monday was a holiday, so free parking.

Unique old car.

This Irish bar didn't look very busy.

But there were lots of people inside for lunch.

Great Irish stew.

At the Mongolian consulate.

Pretty atrium.


Some souvenirs.

Chemka with the flags.

And Ogii.