2023 Feb 25 | House of Delegates in San Francisco

Neat clouds over the mountains.

Wide angle.

Snowy hills under heavy clouds.

My new laptop didn't have a built-in SD card slot, so I have to use this dongle.


A vegetarian McDonald's.

I had House of Delegates in downtown San Francisco this weekend.

At the Grand Hyatt.

They had some interesting artwork in the lobby.

I especially liked the map of the northern edge of San Francisco on the windows.

And the sea lion out front.

I took an Uber to dinner that night. My driver had been doing it for five years now.

A woman selling street dogs. I almost asked him to stop so I could grab one.

Neat mural next to a beautiful BART station.

Dinner was at Foreign Cinema.

You can eat inside.

But you really go there to watch the outdoor movies. Tonight they were showing The Goonies.

A plastic top over the outside dining area, since it's San Francisco.

We were in this private room to the side.

Which opened to this outdoor area which still had a view of the movie.

Neat decor.

The sound comes through these drive-in theater speakers.


A decent turnout.

The dinner was sponsored by CooperVision. They had had some problems lenses which were manufactured overseas taking a long time to arrive, so they had recently started manufacturing the lenses in New York. That's great.



Dessert. The four of us at this side of the table all ordered something different and then shared them.

The group. I didn't even know about it until I saw it listed on the app, so I messaged an organizer about it, and they fit me in. I'm really glad I did that because I had a few very productive chats with other attendees.

Stained glass outside my hotel window.

The room has little lights under the dressers which are motion activated. That's a really nice little touch.

Neat stairs in the hotel.

Which lead up to a bar area which also serves food.

This guy hosts a night in a bar every Thursday night in San Francisco. It's Thursday, but I totally forgot about it.

And it would have been only a few blocks from the hotel.

Escalators down to the meeting rooms.

Fitting tips for multifocal contact lenses.

I noticed a little hole in the arm of my suitcoat. That's annoying.

About the start the meeting.

The presidents bringing in the flags.

Neat ceiling lights.

Lots of continuing education.

Slightly increased membership.

Bob advocating taking the advanced procedures course.

Someone else doing the same.

The bathroom sinks are colorful.


Aseemblymember Evan Low stopped by.

This guy won OD of the Year. It seemed to be quite a surprise for him.

Our group.

President's Council.

I had parked in this garage right across the street. I had reserved for two days, but the reservation I made didn't allow in and out, even though I was staying at a nearby hotel. They said I needed to cancel the second day, and then come back and pay again. Kind of annoying.

Double-parked trucks on the left and a single-parked one on the right.

I thought I might try to get some pictures from the top of Mt Tam, but the road was closed due to snow.

I don't really want to hike nine miles round trip when I could drive the entire way there on another day.

Even this area would be quite a long walk.

So instead, I went to get a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. The clouds might color up nicely.

And they did.

A wide angle.

One really bright cloud later on.

A view with more of the city a bit farther up the road.

You could hike under this tunnel and up to the top.

As I was driving down, I noticed a viewpoint where the Transamerica Pyramid was in the middle of a Golden Gate Bridge tower opening. I parked in the little lot and hiked back up the hill a bit. There was broken glass from car break-ins in the parking lot, though.

With my cell phone at 30x.

With the DSLR. The cell phone is good for a lot of shots, but not at super zoom compared to a real camera.

A homeless man getting ready for bed next to an ATM.

I love this station; they play dance music again. I remember when they used to be Energy 92.7, and especially enjoyed "homo vs hetero" with Fernando and Greg in the mornings.

Up to floor 36 of the hotel.

Which had some great views to the south.

To the east.

And to the north.

I got there a bit late as I was taking sunset pictures, but there is still plenty of pizza left.

More food over here.

Open bar.

I had a few more good conversations here.

Neat mural.

Another breakfast meeting.

Cool iris art.

Second day of meetings.

Outreach clinics.

Bob talking to some national board members.

A group shot.

The new COA board.

Passing of the gavel.

Bob is always joking.

And onto Candi, the new president.

Her first address as president.

Berkeley has had an optometry school for 100 years.

Driving home; I love seeing the cable cars.

Palm trees in front; snow in the back.

Green mountains in front; snow in the back.