2023 Mar 10 | Our Planet Live in Concert, birthday presents

Pretty sunrise.

And rainbow ends.

Got some touch-up paint for Ogii's RAV4.

Cleaning the area first.

There were a couple of other areas that needed it, too.

Looks a little better afterwards.

And even if it doesn't look perfect...

... it should at least keep it from rusting a bit.

Our new S23 phones are the same size as our old S10 phones, but the screen resolution is actually worse.

This poker dealer has some neat tattoos on his hands.

I bought Ogii a sea turtle bracelet, and comes with a link to track a real sea turtle.

Looks like she swims a long ways.

And Ogii got me some Turtles for a snack.

I can transfer some of my apps directly from my old phone to my new phone.

I don't need it for most of them; I'll just install those fresh. But for a few, especially the Tasks app, which has a lot of tasks I still need to do, it's easier to transfer it rather than re-type all of them.

Although the new Firefox has sponsored stickied bookmarks. At least you can remove them.

The old phone had fast charging.

The new one does, too, but it also has super fast charging. However, you need newer plugs, cords, and it's barely any faster anyway.

The battery on the new phone is much better. That might just be because the old one is more worn out, but when my old phone was at 10% after three movies, the new one was at 58%.

Some people parachuting.

Love sea salt on chocolate.

Our printer wasn't printing and scanning very well, so Ogii bought a new color laser.

I have a couple of spots on my arm. Not sure if they're infections or maybe bug bites or maybe inflammation from something I touched.

So might as well hit them with everything.

And mix an antibiotic, antiviral, and antiinflammatory all together.

Slather the mix on, and then put some Band-Aids on top so it doesn't rub off.

A birthday present from Ogii.

A vacuum sealing pack.

Gotta save that wrapping paper for next time.

Snow in the hills.

The Christmas tree didn't fit in the bin, but it was pretty easy to cut all of the limbs off.

They were passing out tickets for free burgers at work. So I rushed through my paperwork and left some to finish tomorrow so I could get there before they closed down. But when I got there, they had run out. Then I realized I'm a adult and can go buy my own burger from a nearby restaurant, so I did. But the free burgers were being grilled outside over charcoal, and boy did that grill smell good as I passed it. Maybe next time.

We went to Monterey to watch a show. The former members of Oingo Boingo will be coming in the future.

It always confuses me that the ocean here is to the north and not the west because it's a little peninsula that sticks out with a bay to the north.

Inside the theater.

The show was Our Planet Live, which had videos of Our Planet with a live orchestra.

There were lots of animals.

I especially like the sea life.

This used to be a sushi place; now it's Korean BBQ.

Another present.

Letting Ogii open it because she put a lot of tape on it, and I don't want to rip the paper.

A storage case for my external hard drives.

If you consider rent, food, and travel...

... that's not such a bad idea.

Another present.

A dress shirt.

Sun rays.

A tropical shirt.

Checking out houses in Oahu.

This one is beautiful and right on the ocean.

Except ten years ago, it had much more land in front of it.

And it has a huge price reduction, likely because it's basically falling into the ocean.

A few days later it was off the market.

And the owner was being fined nearly $200,000 for illegally hardening the shoreline. The only real option is to not buy too close to the ocean, because you never know if the beach / land will wash away over time.

Another present.

Socks with sea turtles.

The new Galaxy S23 phones do take pretty amazing moon photos.

Disney is not available on Roku now, even though it used to be.

Although it is available through the TV itself.

Which has a few streaming services built into it.

That's just crazy.

Another present.

Another colorful shirt.

From $55 to under $5; great find.

And another shirt.

And another one.

We switched our Hulu account from no adds and no other streaming services to with adds and with Disney so we could watch The Mandelorian. There's an ad right after the intro to Married with Children and right before the show actually starts, but if you fast forwards just past it, you can skip it.

Peg buying an entire rack of clothing while Al is stuck inside a different store. That's what Ogii looked like when she was buying presents for family in Mongolia a while ago.

Another shirt.

And it looks like it was another good deal.

A light blue one this time.

We were driving up to San Francisco to fly to Walla Walla. We had wanted to get home and then up to the hotel by the airport early, since our flight left early, but the roads were flooded, so I had to go slowly. Google said a smaller, local road was a bit faster than the highway, but that road tends to completely flood to the point of being impassable, so I didn't trust Google enough to try it.

I'd rather stay on the highway, which I know is open.

Just go a bit slower and don't crash.

Thankfully the road was no longer flooded here, but traffic was still slow.

The rain does make pretty clouds.

Right now, Google says highway 101 is closed at Gilroy, and we have to go through Santa Cruz. So we decided to eat and then see if the conditions changed, because we'd rather take 101.

Peg knows what's up before Al.

Kelly doesn't know the answer.

Al finally realizes it.

After dinner, 101 is still flooded, at least according to Google. Although the CalTrans website says it's open. But since all of the roads between Gilroy and Santa Cruz are also flooded, we decided to be safe and just avoid 101.

Then, while we were driving, the ETA started at 9pm and kept creeping up by 10 minutes at a time until it was nearly 10pm, which means there was an accident ahead on Highway 17. Google routed us around on a few smaller roads.

Which thankfully weren't flooded, although many of the local business had put sandbags at their doors.

And the roads were quite small. There had been multiple mudslides on them recently as well, but those had all been cleared by the time we drove through.

We had wanted to arrive by 7pm, but we got there at 9pm. Still better than 10pm, though.