2023 Mar 13 | Dagii's and my birthdays in Walla Walla

Some drinking straw glasses from Ogii.

Grab and go breakfasts at the hotel.

Gen Xer license plate.

The airport drop off dry cleaning is nice.

I like how they remind you to take a photo of the sign.

They have a doctor at SFO.

Ogii and a heart sculpture.

"More to love" and a smiling face on the Alaska plane.

The guy was actually beside Ogii, but once nobody sat in any of the three seats across the isle, he moved over there. Lots of space now.

Almost sunrise.

And it's up.

Multiple levels of clouds.

A video.

The clouds formed a ridge.

We just switched to T-Mobile, and T-Mobile gives us free in-flight wifi on Alaska.

Good thing we're not going to Lake Tahoe this weekend.

It's always interesting watching how water mixes around an edge of land.

Downtown Seattle.

It's easy to find Ogii's bags.

These women were making a lot of sandwiches.

Beecher's has lots of cheese.

This guy was wearing Moon Boots.

We each carried two backbacks. Much easier to fit into the overhead spaces than roller bags, and if those spaces were full, we could jam all of the bags under the seats in front of us.

Mountain ridge by a river.

Lots of cows.

Some of the bricks had neat drawings.

And these glass panels had nice landscapes.

Greg, Dagii, and Sarnai picked us up.

They have tumbleweeds up here, too.

Ogii brought chocolates.

Chemka sent Sarnai these sticks with magnets in the end. We all played with them.

Ogii made Dagii a hat.

They were a lot of fun.

Uh oh, a levee broke, and there's a Pajaro Street somewhat near us.

Although the levee is much farther north.

Checking out downtown Walla Walla.

They have a lot of neat stores.

A music store.

Three Jeeps of different colors.

Various sculptures.

Some neat old houses.

That looks like fun in the mud.

Someone put Pac-Man and ghost discs on this drain cover.

Whitman College.

Some structures across a stream.

A colorful sculpture.

Ducks crossing the road.

Whew, she made it before the car came.

A large pond with lots of ducks.

A totem pole.

And another one.

A sculpture of a couple playing a game.

Unique bench.

Very pretty lawn.

Horse sculpture.

Fish sculpture.

Beautiful wing sculpture inside the library.

I remember studying that.

A climbing wall.

Sculpture of rocks at different heights.

A bit too heavy to lift.

Some pieces of vine that have broken off from the rest of the plant are still clinging to the brick.

Many windows of historical events.

Very neat.

A large mural of an old town.

I doubt that is real gold.


There are a ton of nice restaurants on main street. We ate at this one.

Variety plate.

Really good food.

A birthday cake for Dagii.

Trying to use my straw glasses.

Birthday cake for Dagii.

Ogii brought some for Dagii and Sarnai, too.

An ad to enter to win a Lamborghini. The colors are so pretty; they'd look good together.

Ogii bought me a sports car. Except it's a computer mouse.

Dagii made amazing pancakes.

They live right on the edge of town, and the neighbors have sheep.

This park has a bird enclosure.

With a variety of ducks.

And geese.

Who would like to bite your finger.

They all sleep with their heads tucked down into their wings.

A peacock.

Up on a barrel.

Another one.

Swans with their babies.

Colorful duck.

A white peacock.

Baby ducks.

Elliot's pheasant.

Silver pheasant.

Golden pheasant.

Yellow golden pheasant.

White-crested Kalij from Nepal.

Muffler people sculptures.

Dancers, flamingo, saxaphone, guitar, and golfers.

We went here for brunch.

Ready to eat.

It was very good.

These panels are very neat.

The carved front doors of the hotel are beautiful.

All wood inside.

Vineywards and mountains.


Stained glass windows.


A candy store.

Old soda.

Chocolate from around the world.

I've never seen licorice ice cream.

Original menu from 1934.

Poster of Bob Ross with a baby raccoon.

A toy store.

With trains going around in back.

Even more.

I remember making a few rockets as a kid.

Dog sculpture.

Using our straw glasses again for dinner.

Ogii trying them out.

Birthday cake for me.

Birthday cake.

A cleaning robot at the airport. I'm sure they had to put some headlights as eyes and even a light-up mouth on it so it wouldn't freak people out as much.

A video of the robot.

The 6am flight to Seattle was delayed, so there are two flights boarding at the same time, both going to Seattle.

They should say, "Just get on whichever plane you want."

Lots of bridges.

Lunch at the Seattle airport.

She has purple hair; he has a purple beard. They should turn around and meet.

Ships lined up.

Sutro Tower, the tips of the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown San Francisco, and the Bay Bridge.

The SFO tower is very futuristic.

Green fields on the drive home.

Lots of toys from my childhood from the parents.

Opening them all up.

So many presents.