2023 Mar 17 | skiing at Vail with Monica, St Patrick's Day

Riding the shuttle bus from the economy parking lot to the airport.

It's going to be very cold in Vail.

I like how you can text them to clean the bathrooms.

We wanted breakfast, but the line for Chick-Fil-A was huge.

Much shorter for bagels.

Ogii has a huge backpack; the woman in front of her has a tiny one.


Very cool shot by Ogii.

Roads and rivers.

The sunrise lighting the mountains.

Snow covered mountains to plains.

Very serpentine river.

A reflective building in Denver.

Aztec-like area in the Denver airport.

All flight areas have to ride the train to the terminal to get out. That seems like a horrible design.

Irish dancers.

Snowboard and ski baggage carousels.

When we stopped for gas, I ran in to Wendy's to grab some cheap hamburgers. Except they were $6.50 a piece; that's crazy.

Some deer in a field.

These people are ready for St. Patrick's Day.

Huge house with a huge deck.

Mountains ahead of us.

The EpicMix app is very nice. It shows the wait times for the chairlifts.

And it can even estimate the wait times in the future, although I don't know how accurate it is.

The runs in this bowl are named after games.

This one is all Russian names.

This one is all Asian names.

Big mountains.

A few other ski resorts on the drive there.

Big snow moving vehicle.

We're at Vail.

A lot of people have to park out here if it's too busy or they don't want to pay for parking.

Monica had hotel points, so we stayed at The Hythe.

It's very modern inside.

Neat blanket hanging on the wall.

Funky table.

French notes.

Nice artwork.

Little seating area.

Cool art.

The best part was we could just walk inside the hotel...

... to rent our equipment in the hotel rather than having to go out to get it.

They also had a store with winter gear, although since it was Vail and a very expensive hotel, nothing was cheap. Ogii looked at some snowpants, and then saw they cost $700.

We could walk right to the lifts.

Going up the gondola.

We could keep track of each other on the app.

This guy had a very 80s outfit.

A zebra theme.

A little tunnel.

Moguls, yuck. Let's go around.

And take the easiest way.

Ogii and Monica skiing.

Going through some trees.

The runs were often very wide.

At the bottom you come across this little bride area.

A blow-up chicken outfit.

Fresh snacks in the hotel.

And a DJ.

A game room.

The hot tub.

Fire pits.

Our room.

Nice bathroom.

This ottoman is so cool.

We could see the slopes from our room.

Time to go out for St. Patrick's Day.

Stopping by the fire pits for s'mores.

Don't burn your marshmallow.

Oh well, they still taste good.

That room has a nice view.

A little mall area with lots of stores.

And an ice skating rink.

A rhinoceros skull? There's no way that can be real. Then again, there are a lot of very rich people here, so maybe.

Big geode.

Chair made of golf clubs.

We ate at Bart and Yeti's.

That's the name of two dogs.

It was packed inside.

For St. Patrick's Day.

Lots of Irish car bombs.

We stuck to green beer.


The time for dinner. We ordered a cup of Irish stew, which was tiny; the table next to us ordered a bowl, which was huge. It was really good; we should have gotten the bowl.

Chips and wings.

Ogii found out that the seats outside made of skis were very cold.


Monica brought birthday cupcakes.

And dinosaur decorations.

Me blowing out the candles.