2008 Sep 29 | Hurricane Ike aftermath

Everyone was pretty sick of peanut butter and jelly and tuna sandwiches. Once a few fast food restaurants got some sort of power back from generators, the lines were really long. Also, since they had limited power, many closed around 6pm. The manager would come out, point to a car, and say, "That's the last person who can order." I mostly stayed away for a few days because you'd waste gas just sitting in line.

The university got power back soon, so everything was open on campus. The food places there were mobbed, too. This guy went nuts that his burger had cheese on it, throwing it onto the counter and arguing about what he ordered.

Hey, I remember when we did that at USD (watching a movie by the pool while you could swim or float). Nobody came, though.

The gas lines were extremely long everywhere, so I decided to wait until about 10:30pm. It worked well; there wasn't a line at all.

It's kind of eerie driving through a city at night when there are no lights at all. You expect it on a gravel road in the country, but not in a metropolis.

The school ordered a bunch of free pizzas for lunch as a way to get spirits back up after Ike. A group of us got out to the deck first and, not wanting latecomers to get in front of us when the pizza was delivered, told them there was a line behind us. It was kind of cheating because we had no authority to make a line and didn't even know where the pizza would be set, but it worked out well. If you have some aggressive rule creators and enforcers, people will often follow them even without any real power.

I heard people cheering outside, tried a light, and it worked! No light after 7pm was kind of a pain, but I just stayed late at UH. The big problem was no air conditioning. Thankfully a cold front came through just a few days after the hurricane, so even that wasn't so bad.

I always like products with "fun" instructions.

Do you notice the major problem with this keyboard? I didn't either until I tried typing on it. The Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys are in a vertical 2x3 grid rather than the normal horizontal 3x2 format. Bah, I said, I'll adapt. Um, no. Even after a week I still had to stare at the keys to figure out what was what, and I realized I use those keys a lot instead of the mouse. Back to the store for you. I noticed a lot of keyboards they were selling had this layout, too.

I'd like to have a dented up car I didn't intend to ever sell so I could park 1 inch away from the driver door of vehicles like this. Then again, I'd do it and it would be a handicapped person without a sticker. Like trying to get in front of speeders on highways to make them slow down will result in them being people trying to get to the hospital or something.

This parking space in the lot by my apartment is painted way too wide, and the ones next to it are too skinny. The handicapped spaces are a bit farther away, so I'm guessing it was just carelessness by the painters.

Even two weeks after the hurricane, there are still people without power, and even some without water. You'll ocassionally see big lines of power trucks or tree-clearing trucks driving around.

The parking lot at Reveille Park was full of trees.

I've always loved driving over a hill to see a city spread out before me. It happens every day on the way to UH on this hill, which is fun.

This machine wouldn't take bills. However, the one next to it did, so you could just put a dollar into that one, press the "coin return" button, and get four quarters to use in this one.

Somebody was in a hurry to get out. I wonder if they have cameras.

Another goofy thing with my laptop is that every once in a while it makes a mechanical sound like it's going to open the CD tray. It usually doesn't actually open it, but sometimes it does. It's nothing I'm doing, either, so it's some weird code or bug. Hmm, is it Vista's or Dell's fault?

One of my favorite things about Halloween is candy corn, no matter what Lewis Black or anybody else says about it.

"Limits?" Uh, tell your kid to not spend too much.

I'm a little wary about putting bleach on something I'm going to eat off of. I'm sure they wouldn't be able to do it if it wasn't safe, and I'm sure the water will wash it all off, but still, it's bleach.

I thought there were some Wells Fargo banks near by, but all the ones that are supposed to be there (according to Google Maps and the Wells Fargo websites) aren't. I've actually driven to the Randall's near where I used to live because I know there's a Wells Fargo in it. Actually, it's almost the same driving time as ones that are a little closer in the other direction because I use the highway rather than local roads. Also, it's kind of comforting to go back to this area because I know where all the stores are and even many of the employees. I'm like to drive around new places and find new things, but I don't really have the time to do so right now, so driving somewhere and not finding the store that's supposed to be there is pretty annoying.

My sunglasses are polarized, which reduces glare.

I really don't notice much of a difference, though. If I set all the angles up just right, it works, but when I'm just driving around, it seems pretty useless. Plus, you see lines in glass/plastic that's stressed, so that can be annoying (for example, the side windows of the Jeep have distracting hash marks).

I had three bad contact lenses in a row. I thought it might be something wrong with my eye, so I kept the contacts and wore glasses for a few days. Other contacts I tried after that worked fine, however, and these still were annoying.

Yeah, you might have to ride in the back of a pickup, but you don't have to do it when it's 20 degrees below zero with a bunch of pheasants in the bed with you flinging bloody feathers in your face. Then again, you can get a shot off faster from the bed, so there's a trade off.

I don't mind dust getting all over my food, but there's no way it's touching my notes, so I cleaned the table before studying. It's amazing what kinds of silly proclivities people have.

I don't keep any change under a quarter; I just leave it somewhere on a counter or bench where other people can have it. So when the automatic change machine at Wal-Green's gave me three dimes and a nickel instead of another quarter, I felt outright cheated.

Oh, how nice. The post office has tape you can use on your package. Yeah, until you get to the counter and find out you have to send your package priority rather than regular mail because that's the kind of tape you just used. People were also annoyed about waiting in line 20 minutes, but since I've waited over an hour in Berkeley, it didn't phase me too much. Actually, I much prefer to use places that have self-service machines or the multi-shipping stores that let you ship it USPS/UPS/FedEx/etc. I just haven't found any of those that are close. Once I do, though, goodbye one-employee-at-the-counter-while-the-line-stretches-outside post office.