2023 Mar 19 | skiing at Vail with Monica, poker with Mongolians, downtown Denver, MCA

Sunrise over the mountain.

I was trying to figure out what kind of pastry was in the bottom glass area until I realized they were ski goggles.

A bit of a line but not too bad.

I just noticed our skis have tip protectors on them, and then I saw some on other skis. I wonder if I could put these on my ski with the split at the end to hold it together.

The ski school instructor uses a sled to carry all of the kids' skis.

In the gondola.

Lots of options to come down.

Up top with far-away mountains in the background.

And with closer ski runs in the background.

A yurt.

Ogii went down the front; Monica and I headed towards the back bowls.

This couple had shiny metallic skis; very neat.

Wide open spaces.

These two had gone over the cliff and were now trying to figure out how to get down the rest of the way.

There were on the double black diamond Chair 4 Cliffs. Let's definitely avoid that.

A squirrel running across the trail.

It's Vail's 60th anniversary.

Picnic tables and grills.

At the back bowls.

A trail at the top that loops all the way around.

Another crazy run we'll avoid.

People looking down over the very steep edge and deciding if they really want to go down there or not.

Very pretty blue skis.

Lots of people grilling up here.

The ski lift looks like a barn.

At least there aren't skull and crossbones symbols.

Which way to go?

The bowls are so beautiful.

Monica petting an elk.

Video of us skiing.

This dog saw the other dog.

So they had to meet each other.

Headed back to Denver.

It looks like there were some avalanches on the bottom-left.

The town of Frisco has a nice little main street.

We had lunch at Bagalis.

Monica's coffee.

Here comes the food.





Ski tracks.

A giant red building.

I was thinking there's no way you could ski the resort, I'm sure you sign a waiver against that, but maybe this is for suing other skiers?

Cool car.

Some neat murals.

Downtown Denver.

A train.

One of Ogii's relatives lives in Denver, and they invited us to a poker game at their home.

Lots of food.

Including marmot he shot. It was really good.

They have a huge bankhar.

Monica petting it.

There were so many players, we split into two groups.

Hawaiian cards.

Everyone congratulating Monica for her winning call.

Now down to ten players, so we combined into one group.

27 is good.

After I got lucky and made the best hand like five times in a row, I knocked out the third and fourth place players, and then the host knocked me out, so I got second. It was a very fun night with great food and wonderful people.

We walked around downtown Denver the next morning. First stop: Union Station.

It's really nice inside.

A pastry shop.

Alcoholic drinks.

Ice crea store.

Ogii and me eating our breakfast.

Terminal Bar.

The Dairy Block.


Lots of little stores in this alley.

These played different songs if you turned them.

Neat entrance.

Nice murals.

Welcome to Colorado.

Closed to run a marathon.

Various stores inside.

Very light and open.

Humany empathy campaign.

Down an elevator is an underground cocktail bar.

Although it's closed now.

Birds mural.

Market Station.


Cool Optiv building.

Very skinny.

Larimer square.

What's up on that pole above Ogii?

A cat statue.

Cool balconies.

A purple line of seats are at 5,280 feet above sea level at Mile High Stadium.

Very sharp building next to a very wavy building.

Museum of Contemporary Art.

Kinda cool.

You can actually rent art to put up in your home or office.



The suitcases are about moving to the US; the square on the floor is the size of the living space.

All of these strings from cans...

... go to these cans on the other side of the wall.

Rooftop patio.

Area for new artists.

Small pictures.

Furry tree.

Room with some sculptures.

They have EnChroma glasses for colorblind visitors; that's a neat idea.