2023 Apr 16 | anniversary, Reefer Madness, Monterey Museum of Art dance party

We went to a lot of places last month. Now we just have to start working on other countries.

Optometry CE at Whaling Station in Monterey.

Nice steak.

Good dessert.

Bad weather meant half of the people (mostly from Santa Cruz) didn't make it, so everyone else got to take a second meal home.

Watching our anniversary movie. It's fun to eat food like that outside.

While we eat some of our favorite local food.



Our old Carved phone cases.

My new one.

Ogii's new one.

Some camera lens covers for Ogii's phone.

Although this cable doesn't quite fit through the hole in her case very well.

Uh oh, this tape was sitting on top of the couch and I set a copy of my diploma I need to mail on top of it. Gotta be very careful peeling the tape off with a hairdryer to melt it.

Don't forget to buy bacon.

I love these mini cakes in Dairy Queen, but it seems they rarely have them.

There are a couple today, though.

Saving the thick chocolate for last.

Multi-car accident.

Double rainbow.

Nice sunset over the ocean.

Sun reflecting on this house with surfers below.

After the sun is down.

Stained glass of whales.

Small section of rainbow.

The whole thing.

Foam on Baker Beach with the Golden Gate Bridge in the back.

I really hate going through Santa Cruz because the roads are narrow and windy, although it says there's a huge accident on 101, so that would be faster.

Although if you zoom in on the accident site, you can just take local roads for a few miles and avoid most of the slowdown.

Especially because as I get closer, the slowdown lessens.

Another accident.

Smashed from the front.

Ogii using my just washed and dried coat as a blanket.

The sign says the road is closed. Although that's due to flooding, and it hasn't rained in a few days, so I think it should be fine.

There are a couple areas of road damage, but it's still open.

Although this section is now one-way due to the right side of the road washing away.

The house partially fell into the river, too.

The road damage was fixed in just a few days. That was surprisingly fast.

It's been fairly cold, but today was warmer, so we sat outside and watched SNL on my phone.

Ogii working hard on her computer.

Or just shopping on her phone while she looks like she's working on her computer.

We're up to the 200th episode of Married with Children. Only a couple more seasons to go.

Ogii lying in bed all day on a lazy Sunday. Maybe she's reading? Nope; shopping on her cell phone.

Pretty sunrise.

Over irrigation.

Ogii's anniversary card to me.

My anniversary "card" to Ogii.

Open the box.

Crack open the egg.

And unscroll the paper. Something different, at least.

She also bought me some neat rocks.

And some books with "Bronze" as the title for our eight anniversary. I don't actually have to read the romance novel, though, right?

I also asked her to not buy me so much stuff, so she just showed me this picture of a neat small statue. That's very cool; I'm glad she showed me it, and also glad she didn't buy it.

Some of my presents to her, which I hide in this bag.

A dress.

And another one.

I also got her a lotto ticket and a glasses order slip that ends in 411.

We went to for our anniversary dinner in Monterey. There is a farmer's market nearby.

A fair number of people.

Lots of pastries.

Freshly cooked.



Mini donuts.




Dried fruit.

Fresh fruit.



Tons of toy cars.


We had dinner at Stokes Adobe.

It's been around a long time.

Nice rooms.



And some wine.

Wine info.

When a whine has part of the name of the restaurant, you have to go with that one.

Me trying the wine.



Ribeye steak.

Australian wagyu.


A few more people have shown up.

Ooh, that bread looks good. We should have gotten some of that.

The sun just peeking through the clouds.

9er girl license plate, and 49ers flags on the front.

The sun reflecting off the buildings across the bay.

Someone already paid for parking until 8pm, and then they don't charge, so free parking.

We went to the Reefer Madness play at Paperwing Theater.

They moved to Cannery Row in this multi-level building.

I love small theaters.

The play bill.


Director's note.

A large mural high up on the wall.

That's quite cool.

The play was very funny.

Great actors.

The bottom of my shoe was coming off, so Ogii fixed it with some glue and a weight.

The next night we went to the Monterey Museum of Art for their dance party.

Only a short line to get in.

Lots of art outside.




We could also go inside.

Colored drawings of garden life.


From above.

Neat beams.

Various art.

Cool birds.

A ton of detail on this painting.

California condor.

Painter dogs and parrots.

You could see the outside party from here.

Back outside.

To dance a bit.

Neat animations on the wall.

Ogii through some art.

Neat mural in Oakland.

We get Apple TV free with T-Mobile; time to watch Led Lasso.

At first I thought this was our actual balance instead of an ad, and I was very worried.