2023 Apr 20 | Leg Day, Magic Castle in LA with Lance and Sarah

Ogii in some poppies by our home.

Sending clothes we don't need to Mongolia.

This was a tough Wordle.

I called the Hawaii Optometric Association. I was on hold for an hour, then only had a few questions which took a few minutes. Next time I'm going to email them.

I got up early to drive to Sacramento for Leg Day. I was planning on getting up around 6am, but I woke up at 2am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I went there early and got some pictures of the State Capitol. There are a few palm trees around it.

Someone left their trash here. I picked it up to throw it away.

Although then I turned the corner and there was all of this. That's too much for me.

Roses starting to open.

The sunrise lit up the clouds.

I heard a splat, turned around, and there was an orange on the sidewalk behind me. Did someone throw that?

Nope, it just fell off the tree.

There are lots of large trees around the Capitol.

I like the sculptures on top.

One on each side.

And flags in the middle.

With some flowers.

I parked in the same lot and spot as last time.

I was hungry, so I ate at the Vines Bistro in the Hyatt. It was really good.

Then we met at Cafeteria 15L as usual.

Candi Kimura giving the opening remarks.

The attendees who had been to the most Leg Days.

They had an area for small video clips on some topics.

Bob hosting the mock discussions with legislators.


And drinks with lunch.

Then we headed over to the Capitol Annex for meetings. We had one student with us.

Meeting #2.

On the outdoor patio.

There are tables in the middle of each floor.

Along with chairs.

Meeting #3.

All of us.

Meeting #4.

Trying out some lasers.

Which consisted of shooting holes in this paper.

That Thursday we drove down to LA. We stopped to get some local nuts.

Trucks hauling huge I-beams.

Lots of wildflowers in the hills.

Ogii getting pictures of them.

More here. They're mostly yellow, orange, and purple.

Stopping by the Mongolia shipping store.

To send some boxes.

Neat mural.

Then to my favorite lunch place in LA.

For sides.

And meat.

I love the crispy edges.

The bread is great, too.

We didn't have to wait in line at all.

But by the time we were finished, the line had wrapped around the side.

I feel sorry for the vendors who don't have any customers.

That's expensive gas.

Cool building.

Another one.

And another.

Nice balconies.

Plants all the way up the wall.

Driving by the Beverly Hills sign.

Lots of cacti.

LA traffic, where people drive into the intersection before it was cleared and blocked cars from the other direction.

A nice picture at Ogii's doctor's office.

It's 4/20, so the marijuana dispensaries are busy.

They just put the trash bins around the car.

One of Ogii's friends bought this nail salon.

She was with some customers when we arrived.

She and Ogii sat and talked. Ogii and I got massages from the chairs.

Then we met Lance, Sarah, Chris and Siri at the Magic Castle.

A nice little balcony just above the entrance.

Talk to the owl to let you in.

Ogii and I shared the tomahawk steak.