2023 Apr 21 | Broad Museum, Tonga Hut Tiki Bar in LA with Lance and Sarah

Attacked by dogs as soon as we get in the door. You can't get through them without lots of petting.

Although they're easily distracted by food.

The dogs playing.

They fit well under the table.

Bright flower.

This smiley ball that we use to judge how far into the garage to park was eaten by Ogii's back door.

The highway was shut down right behind us after we came onto the highway.

Plenty of traffic ahead of us, though.

Lots of bright flowers.

So many choices for lunch.

While Ogii worked, I relaxed in the park, although I made a few phone calls for work.

The phone's portrait mode makes the background all fuzzy; it works well.

I don't think they had this radio station the last time we were in LA; it's all dance music.

SpaceX is down here.

Then we met one of Ogii's friends for dinner.

Neat place.

And good food.

A bit of a slow drive back north in traffic.

To play poker at Lance and Sarah's. This guy made a straight flush.

We ran it three times, and my nut flush draw didn't get there once.

Uh oh, there's a crack in Ogii's window.

Must have been from a rock thrown by a truck in traffic yesterday.

Ogii met another friend for lunch, and I went to lunch nearby.

I was the first customer of the day.

Good chicken.

The crack is getting larger. I guess we'll have to replace the windshield as it creates a lot of glare right in your eye.

A giant hot dog on top of this building.

Lots of flowers and palm trees.

An accident on the highway.

Involving three cars. Always leave enough space in front of you.

Downtown LA and palm trees.

Some neat buildings.

We went to the Broad museum.

There are lots of food trucks out front.

A bit of a line.

For the infinity mirror room.

A video.

It's pretty neat, but you only get like 30 seconds in there.

The elevator is very industrial; it feels like a missile silo.

Looking up.

At the top.

Big art on the wall.

Lots of art by Jeff Koons.

These flowers are pretty famous.

As is this balloon dog.

Michael Jackson and Bubbles.

A train.

A flag by Jasper Johns.

Another line for another infinity room.

Except this one you just look into instead of standing inside.

It changes colors, too.

Works by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Including this bull.

Ogii in the middle of the room.

A giant table by Robert Therrien.

Jack Goldstein recreating a computer image.

Jungle Juice by Kenny Scharf.

The Newspaper as Voodoo by David Wojnarwicz.

John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres make casts of people in the South Bronx.



Woman changing.


Some crazy cutouts by Kara Walker.


Roy Lichtenstein's work.

You have to stand farther back to see the images.

First of a set.

The second one.

Andy Warhol.

Soup cans.

Some cool images.

Very industrial.

Many more works of art in storage.

We can't back out as cars are behind us.

And cars are also parked in front of us. Good thing the person in front of us left right when we were. Otherwise maybe you need the valet to move the car behind you?

Wall art in a tunnel.

Tall skyscrapers.

Homeless people.

A lot of them.

Nice mural.

The new Sixth Street bridge.

Driving over it.

Always more buildings going up.

The old 20/20 Optometrists is now a smoke and vape shop. That was such an ideal location; right on the corner.

Although the rent was high, so they moved it back here after I left. We could have lived in these apartments above it and not have had to commute. There's even a little balcony up there.

Someone made a nice mural.

All closed down now.

It looks like there are a few new optometrists around, though, so the patients don't have to go too far.

I wonder how this place is doing.

This homeless woman still camps out front, although now she even has a tent.

Quick food across the street.

Mural of old firefighters.

The ATM at this bank is boarded up.

Cool metalwork.

Wisdome. Although it wasn't open; maybe that's only during events?

Only two spaces left in this parking garage.

In Little Tokyo.

Lots of restaurants.

The Fugetsu-Do Bakery Shop was one of the first places Ogii worked when she moved to LA. There's a line to get in.

A nice quote from the owner.

Embedded in the sidewalk.

It's been around since 1903.

Ogii inside.

Lots of history.

Even more.

The squirrel got some mochi.

Plenty to go.

They cleaned me out at poker last night; thankfully there's an ATM here.

Fans on the crosswalks.

Tall metal sculptures.

Little Toyko mall.

This store has lots of stuff.

Pieces signed by artists.

Other shops.

Prize games.

Ogii having some mochi.

Wat Thai Buddhist temple.

We went to Tonga Hut Tiki Bar that night.

Nice outdoor area.

Lots of decorations.

Many more inside.

Including maps.

Pictures and lights.

Our group.

A cute fish cup.

We got a big shell of alcohol.

Lots of fruit inside.

Sarah having some.

Great tacos.

And burritos and sides.

The women working on the drink.

The men finishing it off.